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In addition to research publications appearing in scientific literature, NifTAL produces reports  for network collaborators, other agencies and for specific programs.  Several of these are of broad interest and are available below.
Liquid Inoculants R&D
NifTAL and its collaborators are developing and evaluating liquid inoculants for commercial use.   The rationale for this product is based on the desire of inoculant producers in developing countries for a simpler, less costly carrier that will support rhizobial survival during storage and after application to the seed. In developed countries, need for liquid inoculant products is driven by the demand by farmers for increased application convenience in large scale planting operations.  The goal of this effort is to develop a liquid product that is equal to peat-based carrier in overall quality - population density, purity, shelf life and symbiotic effectiveness. These reports provide a complete account of developing a quality liquid inoculant product from laboratory screening through comprehensive field trials in 17 countries.

Authors: P.W. Singleton, H.H. Keyser, E. Sande and G. Haines

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Illustrated Concepts in Agricultural Biotechnology
These 1-2 page summary sheets convey practical applications of BNF in a condensed yet simple format.
  • A Simple Transfer Chamber for Aseptic Work with Microorganisms WORD
  • A Small Glass Fermentor for the Production of Rhizobium Inoculum WORD  PDF
  • A Medium-Scale Fermentor for Mass Culture of Rhizobia: WORD  PDF
  • Biological Nitrogen Fixation (BNF): Commonly asked Questions and Answers: WORD  PDF
  • Inoculating Tree Legume Seeds and Seedlings with Rhizobia: WORD  PDF