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Missing: A. Guevara, V. Reyes, E. Sande, T. Wacek, Steve M.,  S.  Chaudrey,  N. Parveen, M. Kilkenny, F. White,  Bill Kerry

Procedure for Long Term Culture Storage on Ceramic Beads This slide set shows the basic steps for preserving rhizobial cultures on ceramic beads.

Acetylene Reduction Shows the procedure for measuring legume nodule nitrogenase activity.

Inoculant Production & the Micro Production Unit. Photographs of fermentors of various sizes and a sequence of  photographs of a small scale production unit.

Rhizobia, Root Infection and Nodule Development Images of rhizobia and bradyrhizobia in the free living state, during the infection and nodule development process and the interior of nodules.

Inoculants. Page has images of various types of inoculants.

Small Scale Seed Inoculation with Peat based Inoculant adn Sticker