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Training Resources

NifTAL's training programs develop the human resources for implementing BNF programs.  Scientists, inoculant producers, extension agents and NGO-PVO outreach staff have developed appropriate skills in applied BNF technologies through training courses, internships and graduate study programs.
NifTAL has conducted organized training courses since its inception. These training programs are an integral part of NifTAL's effort to promote the adoption and improved quality of BNF technologies in the field. Training courses include: Basic Rhizobium Technology; Inoculant Production; Quality Control of Inoculant; Applied BNF Technology for Extension Specialists; Dealer Training in Inoculants and Their Use. NifTAL has sponsored 35 graduate students and has hosted more than 50 professional scientists in its visiting scientist/intern training program. More recently, NifTAL has emphasized training inoculant producers from the private sector in Thailand, Nicaragua, Honduras, India and Uganda and Extension Specialists and PVO's including those from Indonesia, Thailand, Uganda, Haiti, and Nepal. Approximately 700 men and women have participated in organized short course training with NifTAL.

A survey of 40 NifTAL short course training participants indicate: a) many went on to design their own training courses resulting in at least another 1643 people trained with NifTAL training materials and methodology; b) almost 70 % of respondents indicate they are producing inoculant; c) 54% indicated that their training improved the quality of inoculant they produced; d) 50% now distribute rhizobia cultures and have provided technical assistance to others outside their institutions.

The key resource documents used in these courses are available below.

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