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Other Guidelines & Rainwater Information

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More guidelines and information on rainwater harvesting are available than ever before. Enthusiasts might enjoy reading how rainwater harvesting is done in various places. This section also contains a lot of information on rain barrels that is not found in other areas of this site. It's a good introduction to those who want to start out small. These links are not necessarily being recommended or endorsed; they are just being made available as we get them.

2 Rain Barrels

Rain Barrels

Washing Machine

Rainwater Harvesting: Non-Potable

Cover of Virginia Rainwater Manual

Rainwater Harvesting Manuals/Guidelines

Stone water tank

More Rainwater Harvesting Manuals/Guidelines

Man installing square poly tank

And More Rainwater Harvesting Manuals/Guidelines

Cover of SOPACs Harvesting the Heavens Manual

Pacific Island Rainwater Harvesting Manuals/Guidelines

two stainless steel water tanks

Rainwater Harvesting: Water Quality Topics

catchment water pump

Rainwater Harvesting Miscellaneous Topics

Galvanized tank

Rainwater Harvesting How To: