Hawaiian Butterflies

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This is a selection of butterflies found in Hawaii. Click on the View Native button above to find out which ones are native.

Mating pair of the endemic Hawaiian butterfly, Blackburn's Blue (Udara blackburni),
on the finger of the photographer, Jim Snyder. Taken on Oahu in January.


A selection of charismatic endemic Hawaiian Moths

Hyles calida (Sphingidae)

Aumakua omaomao (Noctuidae)


Darwin Day Museum Open House
The University of Hawaii Darwin Day Open House was a great success! thanks to all who helped and came to celebrate this event showcasing the remodeled Museum......

Hawaiian Moths
A selection of charismatic endemic Hawaiian Moths. Hyles calida (Sphingidae) and Aumakua omaomao (Noctuidae)....


Digitization Project
A natural history museum is much like a library. The specimens along with their labels contain a wealth of information about taxonomy, evolution and ecology......

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