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Welcome to the Tropical Landscape & Human Interaction Lab
Dr. Andy Kaufman, ASLA, MLA, Ph.D.

Associate Professor / Landscape Specialist
Andy at Sherman Courtyard
hands holding plant


The Tropical Landscape and Human Interaction Lab (TLHIL) is a multidisciplinary research laboratory dedicated to studying the connection between plants, the outdoor landscape and the associated human responses. The lab draws upon the disciplines of environmental psychology, horticulture, sociology, psychology, and landscape architecture in order to reveal and understand people’s emotional, psychological, social and physiological responses to vegetation and outdoor designed spaces.

The Labs focus is on the connection between natural features (trees, shrubs, groundcovers, indoor plants and green space) and the outcomes related to healthy human functioning such as, an individuals well-being; vitality of communities, health of the natural environment, providing understanding between/within conservation of natural resources and economic vitality at micro and macro levels.

The intention of TLHIL is to use its findings to:

  • Increase the awareness of people’s and society’s need for ornamental and natural plants and landscapes.

  • Educate about the use of and care for green landscaping to help individuals, families, and communities flourish.

  • Assist the landscape design, installation, and maintenance profession of the importance of proper plant selection, installation and care as a component of built and natural landscapes. This is to aid the landscape industry to effectively create and promote healthy environments for people to live, work, and recreate in.

  • Inform and educate policy makers of the importance that plants and the designed landscape are for healthy communities and individuals; and the need for appropriate legislation to foster these environments.


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