Dr. Ania Wieczorek's Biotechnology Outreach Program

The Biotechnology Outreach Program has provided science education to children and adults since 2001. During this time, Dr. Ania Wieczorek has offered learning opportunities at state fairs, classrooms, workshops, and conferences throughout Hawaii and the continental U.S. Through participating in these events, she quickly realized the enormous disconnect between scientists and the general public. So, in an effort to bridge this significant gap, she developed the Biotechnology Outreach Program for school children. Her goal is to use DNA and its many implications to inspire students of all ages. Additionally, our website- DNA Today is a fun and interactive site for children to learn more about DNA.

Molecular Biology and Us!

Molecular biology is one of the fastest advancing fields in science today, and it touches on many disciplines. It is used in essentially all areas of biological science, including medicine, forensic science, and agriculture. Molecular biology significantly impacts not only basic biology, but other applications such as industrial biotechnology, environmental monitoring and conservation, agricultural security, and many other important fields. Applications of molecular biology are based on a firm understanding of DNA and it's importance to living organisms. To bridge the inevitable gap between scientists and the general public, we designed a program to engage young people in the basics of molecular biology and provide them with examples of how biotechnology techniques and knowledge of DNA have real world applications.

Gene-ius Day Program

The Gene-ius Day Program was developed in 2006 to provide science education to Hawaii's children. The Gene-ius Day Program offers field trips and Saturday science classes for elementary aged students.

The Gene-ius Day School Field Trip has a series of activities that connect genetics and agriculture to the school curriculum. Being on campus lets students imagine themselves as university scientists and increases interest in science related topics. Each field trip includes a plant cell lab, DNA extraction lab, an interactive lecture on human and plant traits, and an agricultural talk that highlights the relationship between science and the food we eat. To learn more about our Gene-ius Day School Field Trips, click here!

The Saturday science classes called, Gene-iuses on a Mission offers small-sized laboratory classes for students in grades 1 to 6. These classes provide hands-on experiments and activities that inspire students to discover the ways in which science affects our everyday life.


Gene-ius Day Field Trips
Saturday Gene-iuses
  Gene-ius Day Saturday Gene-iuses

Biotech in Focus

The new Biotech in Focus series (starting in January of 2014) offers a general overview of biotechnology news and issues. Some of the subjects covered in this series range from basic biological aspects to complex societal issues, including safety of biotech products, environmental compatibility, needs of modern agriculture and opinions and much, much more. Biotech in Focus will be published twice per month with each bulletin presented in accessible form and providing pertinent science-based information in a non-technical and fun format.

DNA Today

We depend on plants for our food and much more. Take a look around your room. Almost everything in it is made from plants. Without plants you would not have sheets on your bed or paint on your walls. Your books would have no pages. The t-shirts and blue jeans in your closet would not be there. Even the gum you are chewing would disappear. This website for students in grades 7 to 8 focuses on how farmers and scientists study and use DNA to get the crops we want. Navigate through the tabs to learn about DNA, clones, mutants and genetic engineering. Additionally, you will learn about Hawaii connections to DNA in agriculture.