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Agribusiness Certificate Program

This certificate fulfills business and management needs for undergraduate students in the technical fields of agriculture and for business/economics students who want to concentrate in agriculture. Faculty from three departments within the college coordinate and manage the program. The certificate is open to undergraduate majors in any CTAHR program, economics and business. NREM 220 or ECON 130 are prerequisites for the program. More information on this program >>

Veterinary Science

Students interested in becoming veterinarians participate in CTAHR's Pre-Veterinary Medicine Program and generally major in Animal Sciences. We have an excellent Pre-Veterinary Medicine Program that helps students gain practical hands-on experience in veterinary-related fields, provides advising as they progress through the program and build their application to veterinary school, and assists them as they seek opportunities to gain research, outreach, and other important experiences. The State of Hawaii does not have a veterinary school, so students must attend a veterinary school on the mainland or internationally; however, we do have excellent undergraduate courses that will fulfill the requirements of veterinary schools and our program is designed to help students become strong applicants for these highly competitive seats in veterinary schools. Students seeking additional information and advising should contact the Pre-Veterinary Medicine Program at or visit us at for more information.