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Geranium (Geranium manculatum)

 Geranium (Geranium manculatum)


A Geranium plants not only has bright and colorful flowers but they also have very attractive leaves as well.  Geraniums also have practical uses.  There is a Geranium plant that wards off mosquitos.      


Geraniums do their best under high light intensities. Geraniums like moist, well drained soil.  


Geraniums are one of those plants that insects are attracted too.  Geranium plants are attacked by aphids, cabbage loopers, fall cankerworms, four-lined plant bug, scale, and slugs.  Also watch for yellow leaves and wilted leaves which may be signs of disease.


The easiest way to propagate Geraniums is through stem cuttings.  Check the website below for more information.


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