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Understanding Healthcare Fraud

Healthcare fraud is widespread. Each year, it causes thousands of older adults to become victims and billions of dollars to be lost by Medicare and Medicaid. As a family caregiver, you are in a unique position to protect your loved ones from healthcare fraud. You can also help lower healthcare costs for everyone by preventing healthcare waste and abuse. This brochure describes some easy and effective steps you can take to reduce healthcare fraud, waste and abuse.

Types of Healthcare Fraud

Common types of healthcare fraud:

Signs that an Elder May Need Help

While some older adults may not realize they need help, others may feel uncomfortable asking for help because it may reflect a loss of independence. Family caregivers need to be aware of signs that an elder might need help. These signs may be:

Tips for Preventing Healthcare Fraud

Protecting your loved ones’ personal information is the best line of defense in the fight against healthcare fraud and abuse.

Healthcare Fraud is a Family Matter