Insect Ecology and IPM lab members

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Mark G. Wright, PI *

Ethel Villalobos, Researcher and Varroa / Bee project leader, Instructor
Valdivia Kaufman, Researcher
Elsie Burbano, Researcher
Scott Nikaido, Research Support
Roshan Manadhar, Graduate Research Assistant
Jane Tavares, Graduate Research Assistant
Amber Tateno, Graduate Research Assistant
Jordie Ocenar, Graduate Student

Recent Graduates:
Simone Prado
Mandy Anhalt
Adam Vorsino

Rodrigo Almeida, UH deserter, now at UC Berkeley....
Ania Wieczorek, UH TPSS
Dan Rubinoff, UH PEPS
Russell Messing, UH PEPS
Cerruti R.R. Hooks, UH PEPS
Ron Englund, Graduate of this lab; Bishop Museum Biologist,
now teaching at Kamehameha School in Hilo
Peter Follett, USDA-ARS


*Principal Investigator = the boss, not Private Investigator :-)