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Hatch Act Formula Grant

Hatch Act funds are provided for agricultural research on an annual basis to the State Agricultural Experiment Stations (SAES’s) which were established under the direction of the college or university or agricultural departments of the college or university in each State in accordance with the act approved July 2, 1862 (7 U.S.C. 301 et seq.). Description of Hatch funds can be found at USDA/CSREES website. SAES’s are required to provide 100% in matching funds. A certain portion of these funds are allocated for the Multistate Research Fund which provides funds for cooperative research employing multidisciplinary approaches conducted by the SAES, working with another SAES, the Agricultural Research Service, or a college or university, to solve problems that concern more than one state. CTAHR receives about $1.3 million each year to support various research, integrated (25%), and multistate projects (28%). A portion of these funds are used to support faculty salary as well as branch station and department upkeep. An annual Research/Extenson Supplemental Funding RFP process is in place to provide funding to active Hatch projects and Extension Plans of Work. Under this RFP, faculty with approved projects may apply for up to $50,000 per year for two years. This is considered seed money to assist CTAHR faculty in competing for extramural funds, and addressing issues of high priority to Hawaii.

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No.PIStart DateEnd DateExtended DateTitle
5021H Ako, Harry10/01/201209/30/201509/30/2016(INTEGRATED) On-going investigation of food safety in aquaponics
593R Ako, Harry10/01/200709/30/201209/30/2013Improving the Sustainability of Livestock and Poultry Production in the United States (S1032)
944H Alvarez, Anne M10/01/201009/30/201309/30/2014(INTEGRATED) Evaluation of Anthurium plants for resistance to bacterial blight caused by Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. Dieffenbachiae
987HAlvarez, Anne M10/01/201109/30/2016 (INTEGRATED) Detection, characterization, survey and risk mitigation of bacterial diseases of consequence
380HBahng, Young Jin10/01/201109/30/2016 Developing retail buying models and comparing retail buying behaviors across nations
595RBingham, Jon-Paul10/01/201009/30/2015 Evaluating the physical and biological availability of pesticides and contaminants in agricultural ecosystems (W2082)
854HBittenbender, H C10/01/201209/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) Sustaining the expansion of Cacao, coffee and kava production in Hawaii
551HBorthakur, Dulal10/01/201109/30/201409/30/2015Isolation of CDNA clones for a pathogenesis-related protiens from leucaena leucocephala
945HBressan, Alberto10/01/201209/30/2013 Insect vectors of plant pathogens in Hawaii
865HBrewbaker, James L11/01/201009/30/201209/30/2013Corn Improvement for feed, food, and energy in Hawaii
8020HCheah, Kheng Tuan10/01/201209/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) ITCN: An International Tissue Culture Network - Strengthening Hawaii's tissue culture service capabilities
375R Cheang, Michael10/01/200809/30/2013 The Complex Nature of Saving: Psychological and Economic Factors (NC1172)
9020HCho, Yangrae10/01/201209/30/2013 Detail characterization of pathogenesis regulation mechanisms in the cabbage pathogen Alternaria brassicicola
507H Christopher, David A10/01/201009/30/2015 Plasma and vacuolar membrane channels regulating cation transport in plants and their role in ameliorating salt and acidic stresses.
853HDeenik, Jonathan10/01/200909/30/201209/30/2013(INTEGRATED) The effect of biochar applications on crop productivity and soil properties
822H DeFrank, Joseph10/01/201009/30/2015 (INTEGRATED) Weed management in sustainable tropical cropping systems
279HDunn, Michael A10/01/201109/30/201409/30/2015(INTEGRATED) Evaluation of edible seaweeds as dietary sources of iron: Linking Hawaiian aquaculture to consumer health
113HFares, Ali10/01/201109/30/2016 (INTEGRATED) Evaluation of two decision support systems (IManSYS and IWREDSS) for agricultural and landscape settings in Hawaii and Maricopa County, Arizona
120RFares, Ali10/01/200909/30/2014 Micro-irrigation for sustainable water use (W2128)
307HFong, Grace10/01/200909/30/2014 (INTEGRATED) Understanding the Well-Being of Hawaii's Families
119HFriday, James B10/01/201109/30/2016 (INTEGRATED) Extension and research for forestry in Hawaii and the American-affiliated Pacific
591RGautz, Loren D10/01/200809/30/2013 (INTEGRATED) Integrated systems research and development in automation and sensors for sustainability of specialty crops (W1009)
131HGray, Steven11/01/201109/30/2016 (INTEGRATED) Ensuring water quality and quantity for the future: Coordinating water management in Hawaii for sustainable development
889HHabte, Mitiku10/01/201209/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) Utilization of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi for environmentally sound production of vegetable crops in Hawaii
982HHara, Arnold H10/01/200909/30/2014 (INTEGRATED) Rapid response to invasive species: Integrated management & quarantine treatments
594R Hashimoto, Andrew10/01/200809/30/2013 The science and engineering for a biobased industry and economy (S1041)
3020-HHe, Shi-Jen10/01/201209/30/201309/30/2014(INTEGRATED) 2010 Hawaii Community demographic and housing profiles
927H Hu, John10/01/201009/30/201309/30/2014(INTEGRATED) Development of transgenic plants resistant to plant pathogens in Hawaii
287RHuang, Alvin S10/01/201009/30/2015 Assessing the consumer behavior, market coordination and performance of the consumer-oriented fruit and vegetable sector (S1050)
293HHuang, Alvin S01/01/201209/30/2015 Dehydration of taro and sweet potato with an off-grade photovoltaic dryer.
290HIwaoka, Wayne T10/01/201109/30/2014 Value-added food product development from by-products of food procesing operations and/or off-grade produce grown locally in Hawaii
517HJenkins, Daniel10/01/200909/30/2014 Engineering a low-cost disposable platform for a rapid DNA-based pathogen detection in the field
526RJenkins, Daniel10/01/201109/30/2016 Nanotechnology and Biosensors (NC1194)
2021RJha, Rajesh12/01/201009/30/2015 National Animal Nutrition Program (NRSP9)
5024H Kan, Eun Sung02/01/201309/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) Novel hybrid bioprocesses for environmental remediation and biofuel production
895HKaufman, Andrew J.10/01/200909/30/2014 (INTEGRATED) Identification, selection, and functional analysis of alternative ornamental trees for Hawaii landscapes
837H Kaufman, Andrew J.10/01/201209/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) Identifying technologies, markets, and methods for Hawaii landscape sectors and stakeholders
592RKhanal, Samir10/01/200809/30/2013 The Science and Engineering for a Biobased Industry and Economy (S1041)
8024H Kim, Hye-Ji10/01/201209/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) Establishment of sustainable production systems for Hawaii's Ornamental Industry
856HKim, Hye-Ji10/01/201209/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) Flowering control of tropical ornamentals
309HKim, Ji Yeon10/01/200909/30/201209/30/2013(INTEGRATED) Family financial challenges and their implications for the quality of family relationships and individual adjustment
2023HKim, Yong-Soo04/01/201309/30/2017 Improving skeletal muscle growth of farm animals through myostatin-based biotechnologies
284RKim, Yong-Soo10/01/201009/30/2015 Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Skeletal Muscle Growth and Differentiation (NC1184)
850HKobayashi, Kent D10/01/201209/30/2017 Light Environment Management of Tropical Crops
363HLe, Thao10/01/201109/30/2016 (INTEGRATED) Mindfulness-based adventure camp to promote positive youth development for military youth
3523HLe, Thao10/01/201209/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) Mindfulness-based intervention to promote youth development
112HLeary, James10/01/201109/30/201309/30/2014(INTEGRATED) Local and regional transfer of herbicide ballistic technology with an integrated research, training, and certification program
158RLeary, James10/01/201009/30/2015 Agrochemical impacts on human and environmental health: Mechanisms and mitigation (W2045)
294RLee, Chin Nyean10/01/201109/30/2016 Impacts of stress factors on performance, health, and well-being of farm animals (W2173)
819HLeonhardt, Kenneth W01/01/201009/30/201409/30/2015(INTEGRATED) Development of Improved ornamental plant varieties for the advancement of Hawaii's floral
1121HLepczyk, Christopher10/01/201209/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) Estimating the ecological and economic costs and benefits of game species to Hawaiian ecosystems
1124R Lepczyk, Christopher10/01/201209/30/2017 The great recession, its aftermath and patterns of rural and small town demographic change (W3001)
156RLeung, PingSun10/01/200909/30/2014 Marketing, trade, and management of aquaculture and fishery resources (W2004)
1122HLeung, PingSun10/01/201209/30/2017 Assessing Hawaii's food consumption and its supply sources
596RLi, Qing X10/01/201009/30/2015 Agrochemical impacts on human and evnironmental health: Mechanisms and mitigation (W2045)
5020H Li, Qing X10/01/201209/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) Integrated studies of food safety and environmental management
2024HLi, Yong04/01/201309/30/2016 Enhancing the microbiological safety of fresh-cut produce and unpasteurized juice with tropical fruit extracts
804HLichty Imamura, Joanne S10/01/201009/30/2015 Culture and management of tropical ornamentals
3520HLin, Shu Hwa10/01/201209/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) An exploration of body scan with one Kinect
360RLin, Shu Hwa10/01/201209/30/2017 Personal protective technologies for current and emerging occupational and environmental hazards (NC170)
367HLin, Shu Hwa10/01/200809/30/2013 Examination and development of speical performances textiles for a tropical climate
132HLitton, Creighton04/01/200809/30/201209/30/2013(INTEGRATED) Ecosystem structure and function in degraded, restored, and intact Hawaiian forests
255HMalecha, Spencer R10/01/200809/30/2013 Aquaculture of Hawaiian lobsters and shrimp
855HManshardt, Richard M11/01/200909/30/201209/30/2013(INTEGRATED) Evaluation of banana clones for commercial potential in Hawaii
370HMartini, Mary01/01/201009/30/201209/30/2013(INTEGRATED) Effects of an integrated 4-H/FCS family club program on family collaboration and positive youth
395H Martini, Mary10/01/201209/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) A sustainable agriculture field-trip program for school groups
394RMasuo, Diane M10/01/201109/30/2016 Family firms and policy (NC1030)
9023RMessing, Russell H10/01/201209/30/2017 Biological control in pest management systems of plants (W3185)
983HMessing, Russell H10/01/201109/30/201409/30/2015Multi-tropic interactions among aphid parasitoids
824HMiyasaka, Susan C.10/01/200809/30/2013 (INTEGRATED) Sustainable cropping systems for tropical root crops
2022HNakamoto, Stuart T04/01/201309/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) "Hawaii Tea" product development and marketing
245HNakamoto, Stuart T10/01/201109/30/2016 (INTEGRATED) Risk management education for Hawaii producers
291HNakamoto, Stuart T10/01/201109/30/2016 (INTEGRATED) High value vaccinium crops for Hawaii
988HNelson, Scot C10/01/201109/30/2016 Development and application of plant disease assessment keys for tropical epidemics
5023RNerurkar, Pratibha10/01/201209/30/2017 Beneficial and adverse effects of natural chemicals on human health and food safety (W3122)
598HNerurkar, Pratibha10/01/201109/30/2016 Identifying health benefits and improvising community knowledge of tropical fruits
8021HNguyen, Hue V10/01/201209/30/201509/30/2016(INTEGRATED) Improving nitrogen use efficiency in sustainable agriculture with focus on local organic N sources
861RNguyen, Hue V10/01/200909/30/2014 Soil-based use of residuals, wastewater and reclaimed water (W2170)
8025H Nickum, Mark10/01/201209/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) Sustainable Farming Systems in Tropical Fruits and Nuts for the State of Hawaii
2020R Novotny, Rachel10/01/201209/30/2017 Parenting, energy dynamics, and lifestyle determinants of childhood obesity: New directions in prevention (W2005)
1125H Oleson, Kirsten10/01/201209/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) Ecosystem service value trade-off modeling and mapping to improve agricultural system management in Hawaii
8022HPaull, Robert E10/01/201209/30/2017 Development of bioenergy crops and production systems for Hawaii
862HPaull, Robert E10/01/200909/30/2014 Postharvest physiology of fresh Hawaiian commodities
868HPaull, Robert E11/01/200809/30/2013 Breeding aroids and orchids for quality, productivity, and disease/pest resistance with emphasis on anthurium and dendrobium
5022H Presting, Gernot10/01/201209/30/2017 The maize epigenome
508RPresting, Gernot10/01/200809/30/2013 Managing plant microbe interactions in soil to promote sustainable agriculture (W2147)
830HRadovich, Theodore10/01/200909/30/2014 (INTEGRATED) Sustainable and organic farming systems research and outreach for Hawaii
3521HReilly, Andrew10/01/201209/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) Memorializing identity change of ethnic immigrants to Hawaii via dress
956HRubinoff, Daniel10/01/201209/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) A Reference collection of native and invasive insect species in Hawaii
998HRubinoff, Daniel12/01/201109/30/2016 (INTEGRATED) Fireweed biocontrol in Hawaii's rangelands: Integrating research and extension for better management
952HSipes, Brent S10/01/200809/30/2013 Encouraging small-scale pineapple production across Hawaii
996RSipes, Brent S10/01/200809/30/2013 (INTEGRATED) Variability, adaptation, and management of nematodes impacting crop production and trade (W2186)
912HSpafford, Helen01/08/201009/30/201209/30/2013(INTEGRATED) Impact of pickleworm management on the pest and natural enemy complex in Hawaiian curcubits
262HStewart, Maria10/01/200909/30/201209/30/2013(INTEGRATED) The rice paradox: Identifying the ideal rice for glycemic control and weight loss
288HStewart, Maria10/01/201109/30/201409/30/2015(INTEGRATED) Gut reactions: A pilot study linking digestive health with ethnicity and chronic disease risk in Hawaii
558H Su, Wei-Wen Winston12/01/201009/30/201309/30/2014New strategies for coordinated multi-gene engineering in plants
584RSu, Wei-Wen Winston10/01/201109/30/2016 Nanotechnology and biosensors (NC1194)
533H Tamaru, Clyde10/01/201009/30/2013 (INTEGRATED) Development of sustainable food waste vermicompost-integrated aquaponic farming systems for cultivation of taro (Colocasia esculenta)
266HThorne, Mark10/01/201009/30/201309/30/2014(INTEGRATED) Best management practices for the sustainable productivity of Hawaii's range and pasture lands
289HTitchenal, C. Alan10/01/201109/30/201409/30/2015(INTEGRATED) Expanding awareness of contribution of iron deficiency to common health problems
9021H Uchida, Janice Y10/01/201209/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) Integrated research and education of Hawaii's agricultural community and University students
997HValenzuela, Hector R10/01/201109/30/2016 (INTEGRATED) Enhanced efficiency, competitiveness and sustainability of vegetable crops production systems in Hawaii
9022HWang, Koon-Hui10/01/201209/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) Developing sustainable organic farming system through cover cropping in Hawaii
286RWatters, Corilee10/01/200809/30/2013 How to motivate parents to promote intake of calcium righ foods among early adolescents (W2003)
318HWatters, Corilee10/01/200909/30/201209/30/2013(INTEGRATED) Food markets, nutritional standards, and minimum cost diets in Hawaii
919HWright, Mark G.10/01/201209/30/201609/30/2017(INTEGRATED) Management decision systems for multiple pest complexes on tropical fruit & nut crops
393RYancura, Loriena10/01/200809/30/201309/30/2014Interactions of individual, family, community, and policy contexts on the mental and physical health of diverse rural low-income families (NC1171)
3522HYancura, Loriena10/01/201209/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) Local Legacies: Life advice and wisdom from Hawaii's elders
244RYang, Jinzeng10/01/200809/30/2013 National animal genome research program (NRSP008)
371HYee, Barbara10/01/200909/30/201209/30/2013(INTEGRATED) Health beliefs and lifestyle practices in Asian and Pacific Islander families
897HYost, Russell S.05/01/200809/30/201209/30/2013Improving nutrient management to increase productivity, economic viability, and environmental health