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Hatch Act Formula Grant

Hatch Act funds are provided for agricultural research on an annual basis to the State Agricultural Experiment Stations (SAES’s) which were established under the direction of the college or university or agricultural departments of the college or university in each State in accordance with the act approved July 2, 1862 (7 U.S.C. 301 et seq.). Description of Hatch funds can be found at USDA/CSREES website. SAES’s are required to provide 100% in matching funds. A certain portion of these funds are allocated for the Multistate Research Fund which provides funds for cooperative research employing multidisciplinary approaches conducted by the SAES, working with another SAES, the Agricultural Research Service, or a college or university, to solve problems that concern more than one state. CTAHR receives about $1.3 million each year to support various research, integrated (25%), and multistate projects (28%). A portion of these funds are used to support faculty salary as well as branch station and department upkeep. An annual Research/Extenson Supplemental Funding RFP process is in place to provide funding to active Hatch projects and Extension Plans of Work. Under this RFP, faculty with approved projects may apply for up to $50,000 per year for two years. This is considered seed money to assist CTAHR faculty in competing for extramural funds, and addressing issues of high priority to Hawaii.

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No.PIStart DateEnd DateExtended DateTitle
9031HAmore, Teresita D10/01/201409/30/2019 (INTEGRATED) Production, Assessment, and Disease Management of Hybrid Anthurium Cultivars
868HAmore, Teresita D11/01/201609/30/2021 Varietal Improvement of Tropical Ornamentals with Focus on Anthuriums and Dendrobium Orchids for the Hawaii Floriculture Industry
8040HBaldos, Orville Caldo11/01/201609/30/2021 Collection, Screening and Selection of Native Hawaiian Plants for Ornamental, Floricultural and Landscape Use
2026HBanna, Jinan10/01/201309/30/2017 Attitudes on diet and physical activity in early adolescents and influence on weight and dietary intake
2038RBanna, Jinan01/27/201509/30/2019 Parental Practices Supporting Positive Eating Behaviors During Independent Eating Occasions Among Early Adolescent Children (W3003)
3024HBerry, Marianne10/01/201409/30/2019 (INTEGRATED) Family and Community Well-Being
5028HBingham, Jon-Paul10/01/201509/30/2020 Investigation of Peptide Toxin Cyclotides as a Novel Approach to Insecticide Development
854HBittenbender, H C10/01/201209/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) Sustaining the expansion of Cacao, coffee and kava Production in Hawaii
5029HBorthakur, Dulal10/01/201509/30/2019 Determining Expression Profiles of Genes for Drought Tolerance and Disease Resistance in Leucaena leucocephala
9033HCheng, Zhiqiang10/01/201409/30/2019 (INTEGRATED) Management of Turfgrass and Landscape Pests in Hawaii
5030HChristopher, David A10/01/201509/30/2020 Deciphering the Roles of Protein Disulfide Isomerases in Protein Folding and Seed Development in Plants
1121HCox, Linda J10/01/201209/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) Estimating the ecological and economic costs and benefits of game species to Hawaiian Ecosystems
1130HCrow, Susan10/01/201409/30/2019 (INTEGRATED) Soil Organic Matter: Carbon Dynamics, Nutrient Cycles, and Soil Change
3021HDeBaryshe, Barbara03/19/201409/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) Research and Extension for Early Childhood Learning and Wellbeing
8028H Deenik, Jonathan11/14/201309/30/2018 (INTEGRATED) Improving Soil Nutrient Management Through the Integrated Use of Web-based Mobile Technology and Rapid Soil Testing
822HDeFrank, Joseph03/01/201609/30/2020 (INTEGRATED) Weed Management in Sustainable Tropical Cropping Systems and Landscapes
119HFriday, James B10/01/201609/30/2021 (INTEGRATED) Extension and Research Supporting Forestry in Hawaii and the American-affiliated Pacific
9025H Hu, John02/03/201409/30/2018 (INTEGRATED) Emerging Plant Virus Diseases Which Threaten Hawaii's Food Security and Economy
5027HJenkins, Daniel04/24/201509/30/2019 Portable Accessories for Enriching/Concentrating Pathogenic Organisms for Agricultural Diagnostics
2030HJha, Rajesh10/01/201409/30/2019 (INTEGRATED) Nutritional Characterization of Local Feedstuffs for Swine Diets in Hawaii
2032HJha, Rajesh12/15/201409/30/2018 (INTEGRATED) Evaluation of Nutrient Content of Hawaii-grown Avocados and Identification of Optimal Harvest Period
3524HKang, Ju-Young10/01/201309/30/2018 E-Industry competitive structure and E-market demand for Hawaiian aloha fashions
3526HKang, Ju-Young10/01/201309/30/2017 Online Co-design Community for Hawaiian Fashions
8039HKantar, Michael10/01/201609/30/2021 Resilience and Nutrition: Finding Local Value in Global Genebanks
837H Kaufman, Andrew J.10/01/201209/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) Identifying technologies, markets, and methods for Hawaii landscape sectors and stakeholders
592RKhanal, Samir10/22/201309/30/2018 The Science and Engineering for a Biobased Industry and Economy (S1041)
3022HKim, Ji Yeon10/01/201309/30/2016 Sibling Relationships and School Engagements Amount Adolescents
2023HKim, Yong-Soo04/01/201309/30/2017 Improving skeletal muscle growth of farm animals through myostatin-based biotechnologies
2040RKim, Yong-Soo10/01/201509/30/2020 Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Skeletal Muscle Growth and Differentiation (NC1184)
850HKobayashi, Kent D10/01/201209/30/2017 Light Environment Management of Tropical Crops
3523HLe, Thao10/01/201209/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) Mindfulness-based intervention to promote youth development
819HLeonhardt, Kenneth W03/31/201509/30/2019 (INTEGRATED) Development of Improved ornamental Plant Varieties for the Advancement of Hawaii's Floral
1122HLeung, PingSun10/01/201209/30/2017 Assessing Hawaii's food consumption and its supply sources
1133RLeung, PingSun10/21/201409/30/2019 Marketing, Trade, and Management of Aquaculture and Fishery Resources (W3004)
5020H Li, Qing X10/01/201209/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) Integrated studies of food safety and environmental management
5032RLi, Qing X10/01/201509/30/2020 Agrochemical Impacts on Human and Evnironmental Health: Mechanisms and Mitigation (W3045)
2024HLi, Yong10/21/201609/30/2020 (INTEGRATED) Exploring the Potential of Tropical Fruits as Food Preservatives and Nutraceutical Agents
2034HLi, Yong11/06/201409/30/2018 (INTEGRATED) Profiling, Characterization, and Application of Potentially Probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria in Poi and Fermented Taro Skins
360RLin, Shu Hwa10/01/201209/30/2017 Personal Protective Technologies for Current and Emerging Occupational and Environmental Hazards (NC170)
3520HLin, Shu Hwa10/01/201209/30/2017 An Exploration of body scan with one Kinect
3521HLin, Shu Hwa10/01/201209/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) Memorializing identity change of ethnic immigrants to Hawaii via dress
8035HLincoln, Noa10/01/201609/30/2021 Impact of Indigenous Farming Methods on Soil Fertility and Plant Production
1127HLitton, Creighton10/01/201309/30/2018 (INTEGRATED) Carbon Cycling and Storage in Hawaiian Terrestrial Ecosystems
855HManshardt, Richard M10/01/201309/30/201609/30/2017(INTEGRATED) Exotic Banana and Papaya Germplasm: New Blood for Old Crops
395H Martini, Mary10/01/201209/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) A Sustainable Agriculture Field-Trip Program for School Groups
3529HMartini, Mary10/15/201509/30/2020 (INTEGRATED) Development of Sustainable Agriculture Curricula for Intermediate and High School Students
9030HMelzer, Michael J12/17/201409/30/2019 (INTEGRATED) Vegetatively-propagated Crops of Importance to Hawaii: Pathogen Identification, Detection, and Development of Clean Germplasm
8034HMuszynski, Michael10/01/201609/30/2021 Multi-scale Analysis of Leaf Growth Mechanisms in Maize
2022HNakamoto, Stuart T04/01/201309/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) "Hawaii Tea" product development and marketing
2033HNakamoto, Stuart T12/19/201409/30/2019 (INTEGRATED) Evaluation of Alternate Crops and Non-conventional Production Techniques
5023RNerurkar, Pratibha10/01/201209/30/2017 Beneficial and adverse effects of natural chemicals on human health and food safety (W3122)
8032RNguyen, Hue V11/18/201409/30/2019 Beneficial Reuse of Residuals and Reclaimed Water: Impact on Soil Ecosytem and Human Health (W3170)
8021HNguyen, Hue V10/31/201609/30/2020 (INTEGRATED) Improving Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Sustainable Agriculture With Focus on Local Organic N Sources
2020R Novotny, Rachel10/01/201209/30/2017 Parenting, energy dynamics, and lifestyle determinants of childhood obesity: New directions in prevention (W2005)
1125H Oleson, Kirsten10/01/201209/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) Ecosystem service value trade-off modeling and mapping to improve agricultural system management in Hawaii
1126HOleson, Kirsten10/01/201309/30/2018 (INTEGRATED) Green Accounting for Hawaii: Assessing the Value of Hawaiian Natural Capital
862HPaull, Robert E10/01/201409/30/2019 (INTEGRATED) Postharvest Physiology of Fresh Hawaiian Commodities
8027RPaull, Robert E10/30/201309/30/2018 Improving Quality and Reducing Losses in Specialty Fruit Crops through Stroage Technologies (NE1336)
5022H Presting, Gernot10/01/201209/30/2017 The Maize Epigenome
8033HRadovich, Theodore02/14/201509/30/2019 (INTEGRATED) Germplasm Selection and Management to Optimize Vegetable Quality and Yield in Tropical, Organic Production Systems
3527H Reilly, Andrew10/29/201309/30/2018 (INTEGRATED) Analysis of the consequences of appearance-related victimization on appearance management behaviors of Hawaii victims.
956HRubinoff, Daniel10/01/201209/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) A Reference Collection of Native and Invasive Insect Species in Hawaii
9026RSipes, Brent S12/19/201309/30/2018 Variability, Adaptation, and Management of Nematodes Impacting Crop Production and Trade (W3186)
9027HSipes, Brent S12/19/201309/30/2018 (INTEGRATED) Management of Plant-parasitic Nematodes in Tropical Agro-ecosystems
5025HSu, Wei-Wen Winston10/01/201309/30/2018 Expanding the Protein Co-expression Toolbox to Advance Agricultural Biotechnology
266HThorne, Mark10/01/201409/30/2019 (INTEGRATED) Best Management Practices for the Sustainable Productivity of Hawaii's Range and Pasture Lands
9028HTian, Miaoying10/01/201409/30/2019 Dissecting Pathogenesis Mechanisms and Developing Novel Strategies to Control Basil Downy Mildew
1131HVaughan, Mehana10/20/201409/30/2019 (INTEGRATED) Kaiaulu - Community Management of Common Pool Resources in Hawaii: Increasing Understanding and Capacity for Social Ecological Resilience
9024HVillalobos, Ethel M10/18/201309/30/2018 (INTEGRATED) Where are the Bees? Quantifying and Responding to Pollinator Shortages on Oahu and the Big Island
9022HWang, Koon-Hui10/01/201209/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) Developing sustainable organic farming system through cover cropping in Hawaii
919HWright, Mark G.10/01/201209/30/2016 (INTEGRATED) Management Decision Systems for Multiple Pest Complexes on Tropical Fruit & Nut Crops
3522HYancura, Loriena10/01/201209/30/2017 (INTEGRATED) Local Legacies: Life advice and wisdom from Hawaii's elders
3528RYancura, Loriena10/20/201409/30/2019 Interactions of individual, family, community, and policy contexts on the mental and physical health of diverse rural low-income families (NC1171)
3531HYancura, Loriena10/31/201609/30/2020 Improving Mental and Physical Health in People of Hawaii: Human-Animal Interactions in Community Settings
244R Yang, Jinzeng01/06/201409/30/2018 National Animal Genome Research Program (NRSP008)
2029HYang, Jinzeng04/10/201409/30/2018 Development of DNA-based Testing for Shrimp Broodstock Breeding Program
371HYee, Barbara10/01/201309/30/2018 (INTEGRATED) Health Beliefs and Lifestyle Practices in Asian and Pacific Islander Families
897HYost, Russell S.10/24/201309/30/2018 (INTEGRATED) Improving nutrient management to increase productivity, economic viability, and environmental health
3026HZan, Hua10/01/201509/30/2018 Employment, Retirement, and Informal Elder Caregiving of Individuals after Late Midlife

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