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Hatch Act Formula Grant

Hatch Act funds are provided for agricultural research on an annual basis to the State Agricultural Experiment Stations (SAES’s) which were established under the direction of the college or university or agricultural departments of the college or university in each State in accordance with the act approved July 2, 1862 (7 U.S.C. 301 et seq.). Description of Hatch funds can be found at USDA/CSREES website. SAES’s are required to provide 100% in matching funds. A certain portion of these funds are allocated for the Multistate Research Fund which provides funds for cooperative research employing multidisciplinary approaches conducted by the SAES, working with another SAES, the Agricultural Research Service, or a college or university, to solve problems that concern more than one state. CTAHR receives about $1.3 million each year to support various research, integrated (25%), and multistate projects (28%). A portion of these funds are used to support faculty salary as well as branch station and department upkeep. An annual Research/Extenson Supplemental Funding RFP process is in place to provide funding to active Hatch projects and Extension Plans of Work. Under this RFP, faculty with approved projects may apply for up to $50,000 per year for two years. This is considered seed money to assist CTAHR faculty in competing for extramural funds, and addressing issues of high priority to Hawaii.

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No.PIStart DateEnd DateExtended DateTitle
9038HArif, Mohammad10/11/201709/30/2022 Detection, Phylogeny and Comparative Genomics of Important Bacterial Species of Tropics
3535HBahng, Young Jin10/01/201809/30/202109/30/2022Understanding Hawaii Female Entrepreneurs' (HFE) Performance and Well-being: Resources, Capabilities, Barriers, Success, Motivation, and Stress Level
8040HBaldos, Orville Caldo10/01/202109/30/2026 Collection, Screening and Selection of Non-endangered Native Hawaiian and Underutilized Non-Invasive Plants for Ornamental, Floricultural and Landscape Use
2054HBanna, Jinan02/12/202009/30/2024 (INTEGRATED) Minimizing Food Waste in Adolescents: Understanding Perspectives to Inform Design of Educational Messages
2060RBanna, Jinan10/01/201909/30/2024 Parental Practices Supporting Positive Eating Behaviors During Independent Eating Occasions Among Early Adolescent Children (W4003)
9033HCheng, Zhiqiang10/01/201909/30/2024 (INTEGRATED) Management of Turfgrass and Landscape Pests in Hawaii
5046HChristopher, David A10/01/202109/30/2026 Studies on Protein Disulfide Isomerase to Develop Plant Tolerance to Heat Stress
1151HCrow, Susan12/05/201909/30/2024 (INTEGRATED) Soil Organic Matter: The Key to Soil Health, Climate Smart Agriculture, and Resilient Landscapes
3028HDeBaryshe, Barbara10/01/201909/30/2024 (INTEGRATED) Individual and Family Well-Being
3027HDeBaryshe, Barbara11/13/201809/30/2023 (INTEGRATED) Early Childhood Learning and Wellbeing: Improving Programs and Systems
8045H Deenik, Jonathan10/01/201809/30/2023 (INTEGRATED) Promoting Soil Health in Hawaii Through the Development of a Routine Soil Health Testing Protocol and an Integrative Web Tool
5047HDu, Zhi-Yan (Rock)04/21/202109/30/2025 Synthetic Bioengineering of Tropical Microalgae for the Production of High-value Bioproducts
2067RFialkowski, Marie Kainoa10/26/202109/30/2026 Children's Healthy Living Network (CHLN) in the U.S. Affiliated Pacific Region (W2194)
119HFriday, James B11/02/202109/30/2026 (INTEGRATED) Extension and Research Supporting Forestry in Hawaii and the American-affiliated Pacific Islands
2062HHe, Yanghua02/18/202009/30/2024 Genetic Improvements of Hawaii Beef Cattle Using Cutting-Edge Genomic Approaches
2055HHo, Kacie12/04/201809/30/2023 Adding Value to Culls and Byproducts Through Development of Functional Food Ingredients
2057RHo, Kacie02/11/201909/30/2023 Nutrient Bioavailability--Phytonutrients and Beyond (W4002)
9044HHu, John10/01/201809/30/2023 (INTEGRATED) Characterization and Management of Emerging Plant Virus Diseases in Hawaii
5043HJenkins, Daniel10/01/201909/30/2024 Distributed Technologies for Improved Environmental Biosecurity
5048RJenkins, Daniel10/01/202109/30/2026 Nanotechnology and Biosensors (NC1194)
2058RJha, Rajesh11/22/201909/30/2024 Enhancing Poultry Production Systems Through Emerging Technologies and Husbandry Practices (NE1942)
2064RJun, Soojin10/01/202009/30/2025 Engineering for food safety and quality (NC1023)
2069HJun, Soojin11/19/202109/30/2026 Combined Dielectrophoretic Force and UV Radiation to Remove Microbial Contaminants from the Surface of Fresh Produce during Washing Process
3536HKang, Ju-Young10/01/201809/30/2023 Artificial Intelligence-Powered Digital Solutions in the Fashion Industry
8039HKantar, Michael10/01/202109/30/2026 Crop Resilience: Finding Local Value in Global Genebanks and Future Climate Models
837HKaufman, Andrew J.10/10/201709/30/2022 (INTEGRATED) Identifying Urban Landscape Issues and Developing Methodologies to Assist Hawaii Landscape Sectors and Stakeholders
5039HKhanal, Samir10/01/201809/30/2023 Micro-aeration to Reduce Volatile Fatty Acids Accumulation During High Loading Rate Anaerobic Digestion Processes: Evaluation of Pathway and Mechanism
5042RKhanal, Samir10/18/201809/30/2023 The Science and Engineering for a Biobased Industry and Economy (S1041)
2023HKim, Yong-Soo10/01/201809/30/2023 Improving Meat Production Efficiency via Myostatin-based Biotechnologies
2065RKim, Yong-Soo10/01/202009/30/2025 Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Skeletal Muscle Growth and Differentiation (NC1184)
850HKobayashi, Kent D10/01/201709/30/2022 Light Environment Management of Tropical Crops
3523HLe, Thao10/01/201709/30/2022 (INTEGRATED) Mindfulness and Skillful Living to Promote Well-being in Hawaii
2063HLee, Mi-Jeong03/26/202009/30/2024 Role of Omega-3 Poly-unsaturated Fatty Acids in Adipose Remodeling and Metabolic Health
819HLeonhardt, Kenneth W10/01/201909/30/2024 (INTEGRATED) Development of Improved Ornamental Plant Varieties for the Advancement of Hawaii's Floral and Landscape Industries
5020H Li, Qing X10/01/201709/30/2022 (INTEGRATED) Integrated Studies of Nutraceuticals, Food Safety and Environmental Management
5044RLi, Qing X10/01/202009/30/2025 Agrochemical Impacts on Human and Environmental Health: Mechanisms and Mitigation (W4045)
2034HLi, Yong11/21/201909/30/2024 (INTEGRATED) Investigating the Potential Prebiotic Activity of Tropical Commodities
3532RLin, Shu Hwa10/04/201709/30/2022 Personal Protective Technologies for Current and Emerging Occupational and Environmental Hazards (NC170)
3533HLin, Shu Hwa10/01/201709/30/2022 3D Body Scan with One Kinect or Structure
3534HLin, Shu Hwa11/08/201709/30/2022 Digitization of the UHM Costume Collections
8050HLincoln, Noa10/01/202109/30/2026 Hawaiian Agroecological Practices and Nutrient Management
1149HLitton, Creighton10/01/201809/30/2023 (INTEGRATED) Integrating Research and Extension to Manage Wildland Fire and Climate-related Hazards on Pacific Islands in the 21st Century
9050HMelzer, Michael J11/21/201909/30/2024 (INTEGRATED) Detection and Management of Invasive Plant Pests and Diseases Impacting Agricultural and Natural Ecosystems in Hawaii
2049HMishra, Birendra10/01/201709/30/2022 Analysis of Oviductal Functions in Laying Hen
2059RMishra, Birendra11/22/201909/30/2024 Enhancing Poultry Production Systems Through Emerging Technologies and Husbandry Practices (NE1942)
1143HMiura, Tomoaki10/01/201709/30/2022 Land Suitability Analysis for Crop Growth in Hawaii
8052HMuszynski, Michael10/01/202109/30/2026 Functional Analysis and Modification of Crop Domestication Traits
2033HNakamoto, Stuart T10/01/201909/30/2024 (INTEGRATED) Evaluation of Alternate Crops and Non-conventional Production Techniques
5036RNerurkar, Pratibha12/12/201709/30/2022 Beneficial and Adverse Effects of Natural Chemicals on Human Health and Food Safety (W4122)
8048RNguyen, Hue V10/01/201909/30/2024 Beneficial Use of Residuals to Improve Soil Health and Protect Public and Ecosystem Health (W4170)
8042HNguyen, Nhu10/01/201709/30/2022 (INTEGRATED) The Hawaiian Soil Microbiome: Towards an Atlas of Diversity and Function of Hawaii's Soil Microbial Resources
2068RNovotny, Rachel10/01/202109/30/2026 Children's Healthy Living Network (CHLN) in the U.S. Affiliated Pacific Region (W2194)
2050HOdani, Jenee10/01/201709/30/2022 (INTEGRATED) Development and Promotion of Best Management Practices for Livestock Production in Hawaii
1148HOleson, Kirsten10/01/201809/30/2023 (INTEGRATED) Building Capacity for Structured Resource Management Decision Making
862HPaull, Robert E10/01/201909/30/2024 (INTEGRATED) Postharvest Physiology of Fresh Hawaiian Commodities
8047RPaull, Robert E10/25/201809/30/2023 (INTEGRATED) Improving Quality and Reducing Losses in Specialty Fruit Crops through Storage Technologies (NE1836)
5037RPresting, Gernot01/05/201809/30/2022 Conservation, Management, Enhancement and Utilization of Plant Genetic Resources (NC7)
1147HPrice, Melissa10/01/201809/30/2023 (INTEGRATED) Human-Wildlife Interactions in Hawaii: Conflict Mitigation, Conservation, and Pest Management
8033HRadovich, Theodore10/01/201909/30/2024 (INTEGRATED) Germplasm Selection and Management to Optimize Vegetable Quality and Yield in Tropical, Organic Production Systems
3537H Reilly, Andrew10/01/201809/30/2022 Clothing Needs of Transgender People
956HRubinoff, Daniel10/04/201709/30/2022 (INTEGRATED) A Reference and Research Collection of Native and Invasive Insect Species in Hawaii
2051HSeale, Andre P.11/03/202109/30/2026 Physiological Effects of Environmental Stressors in Aquatic Organisms
9051HShikano, Ikkei11/21/201909/30/2024 Leveraging Fitness Costs Associated with Insecticide-Resistance and Host Plant Heterogeneity for Pest Management
9042HSipes, Brent S10/01/201809/30/2023 (INTEGRATED) Nematodes and Soil Health in Tropical and Subtropical AgroEcosystems
9046RSipes, Brent S10/01/201809/30/2023 (INTEGRATED) Variability, Adaptation, and Management of Nematodes Impacting Crop Production and Trade (W4186)
5040HSu, Wei-Wen Winston10/01/201809/30/2023 Value-added Products from Renewable Feedstock via Innovative Bioprocessing and Metabolic Engineering
5041RSu, Wei-Wen Winston10/01/201809/30/2023 The Science and Engineering for a Biobased Industry and Economy (S1075)
9052HTay, Jia-Wei03/04/202009/30/2024 (INTEGRATED) Ecology and Management of Invasive Ants and Termites
266HThorne, Mark10/01/201909/30/2024 (INTEGRATED) Best Management Practices for the Sustainable Productivity of Hawaii's Range and Pasture Lands
9049HTian, Miaoying10/01/201909/30/2024 Pathogenicity Mechanisms and Control of Economically Important Plant Pathogenic Oomycetes
1142HTsang, YinPhan10/01/201709/30/2022 Characterizing the Water Availability and Nutrient Transport of Hawaii's Watersheds and its Implication to Downstream Agriculture and Coastal Environment
1150HVaughan, Mehana10/01/201809/30/2023 (INTEGRATED) Kaiaulu - Enhancing Resilience Through Community Level Resource Management
9045HVillalobos, Ethel M02/22/201909/30/202109/30/2022(INTEGRATED) Healthy from the Inside: Feeding the Bees is an Investment for Tropical Producers
9048HWang, Koon-Hui11/21/201909/30/2024 (INTEGRATED) Sustainable Pest and Soil Health Management Approaches Using Cover Crops and Other Non-chemical Based Pest Management Strategies
9053RWang, Koon-Hui10/01/202109/30/2026 (INTEGRATED) Sustainable Management of Nematodes in Plant and Soil Health Systems (NE2140)
9040RWright, Mark G.08/31/201809/30/2022 (INTEGRATED) Biological Control in Pest Management Systems of Plants (W4185)
9041HWright, Mark G.10/23/201809/30/202109/30/2022Modified Parasitoid to Facilitate Augmentative Biocontrol
3538RYancura, Loriena11/07/201909/30/2024 Individual, Family, and Community Factors Associated with Resilience in Diverse, Rural, Low-income Families (NC1171)
2056RYang, Jinzeng01/01/201909/30/2023 Nutrient Bioavailability--Phytonutrients and Beyond (W4002)

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