Biotech Outreach Team

The Biotechnology Outreach Program is designed to make biotechnology understandable to individuals of all ages. University field trips and classroom programs interest students in science and give them background knowledge in genetics. Community presentations focus on providing background scientific knowledge as well as information about current issues related to genetic engineering.

Dr. Ania Wieczorek

Dr. Wieczorek"Dr. Ania" Wieczorek has been running the University of Hawaii, CTAHR- Biotechnology Outreach Program (BOP) since its inception in 2002. She has provided biotechnology education at state fairs, in classrooms, workshops and conferences across the state of Hawaii, in the mainland and in Taiwan.





Team Members

Carol shows how to extract DNADr. Ania's lab members are the core of the Biotech Outreach Team. These students, graduate students, and technical staff bring their research knowlege to the biotech events. Please see Dr. Wieczorek's Lab page to learn more about their reseach that uses biotechnology to study and protect Hawaii's native plants. Martha Coleman and Adam Vorsino are PhD students who demonstrate an enthusiasm for science that is contagious. Students who meet them decide that scientists are cool. Carol Tran, provides the lab's technical support, and teaches young students proper lab technique.

Adam VorsinoDr. Ania has learned that basic knowledge of DNA is the first step to understanding biotechnology.  This has translated into an educational program for elementary age children that teaches DNA and its applications in a fun and hands-on way. Gayle Hori, an educator, coordinates elementary outreach and develops materials to make learning science concepts easy and fun. In addition to assisting during the outreach events, Jessie Radovich, an undergraduate student, shares her talents for graphics and design for developing educational materials.

Gayle Hori at prize wheel


UH biotechnology outreach team



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