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Biotechnology Outreach Program

The use of biotechnology in food crops has become a controversial topic in Hawaii. The goal of the Biotechnology and Agriculture Education Program is to provide the citizens of Hawaii with accurate, unbiased information about genetic engineering so that they can understand what the issues are and make informed choices. The program provides public education through a wide range of community events. The following is a sample of the programs and events that the Biotechnology and Agriculture Education Program participates in.


County Farm Fairs and Community Events

Please look for our booth at your island Farm Fair. Booths have informative displays and activities as well as take home brochures.

This year's traveling exhibit includes activities for young children, middle school students, and adults. The children are introduced to DNA and genetics. The adult portion of the booth presents background information about genetic engineering and provides answers to common questions. An expert is available to answer any additional questions.

oahu farm fair booth

Some of out previous displays

farm fair boothfarm fair booth

farm fair booth


Gene-ius Program

The Gene-ius Program provides education in basic genetics to K-12 students. Gene-ius Day is a field trip experience for students in 3rd through 6th grade. The goal of the field trip is to provide students with foundational knowledge about genetics so they can understand biotechnology topics when they enter upper grades. The program generates excitement about science and introduces them to careers in agriculture. Classroom presentations are also available for students in the 5th-6th grades.

girl rolling tonguegirl in labboy with papayasmiling girl

Agriculture Awareness Days

Agricultural Awareness Days on Oahu and Kauai - Fifth grade students are introduced to agriculture through a variety of activities and events.

agricultural awareness day presentation

Agricultural Awareness for 5th grade studentsAgriculture Education

ThinkTechHawaii - Radio Program

Dr. Ania Wieczorek and Dr. Robert Paull talk about genetic engineering in agricultural crops with relation to biotechnology in Hawaii (12/22/2004).


Dr. Ania Wieczorek and Richard McCormack discuss the risks and benefits associated with genetic engineering, development of biotechnology and biotechnological products and the regulatory system (01/12/2005).


Community Presentations

Dr. Wieczorek provides presentations for community groups who would like more information about biotechnology. If you are interested in having Dr. Wieczorek present to your group, please contact Dr. Wieczorek at ania@hawaii.edu.



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