American Samoa Water Quality
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The American Samoa Interagency Piggery Management Council (ASIPMC)
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Legal Setting
American Samoa Code Section 25.16 defines the environmental health requirements for domestic animals. The regulations require that pigs be confined in a clean and sanitary condition, and that the confinement be at least fifty feet from a house, restaurant, food establishment or school. The regulations also prohibit the confining structure from being located directly over any body of fresh or salt water and goes on to state that, “Pigs or other domestic animals may not be confined in the area immediately adjacent to any body of fresh water in such a way that the waste discharges of the animal or the washings from the pen may contaminate or pollute a stream or other body of fresh water.” Enforcement of these regulations is the responsibility of the Department of Health. Currently most piggeries are not in compliance with this regulation. Piggeries are often located adjacent to streams in order to easily discharge the large volumes of water generated using the current waste management practices.
References : United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), 1999 Census of Agriculture.
Download entire document and piggery photos
American Samoa Interagency Piggery Managment Council American Samoa Interagency Piggery Managment Council.doc
American Samoa Interagency Piggery Managment Council American Samoa Interagency Piggery Managment Council.pdf
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