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Alan Titchenal and Joannie Dobbs: Battling obesity a lifelong commitment. — Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 12/26/2001

A commentary by dean Andrew Hashimoto suggested that more support for the agriculture industry in Hawaii would revitalize the economy. — Pacific Business News, 12/24/2001

Alan Titchenal and Joannie Dobbs: Take care to prevent Christmas accidents. — Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 12/19/2001

Alan Titchenal and Joannie Dobbs: Beneficial characteristics of cranberries. —Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 12/14/2001

Alan Titchenal and Joannie Dobbs: How to ease marathon pain with carbohydrates,salt, fluids. — Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 12/5/2001

CTAHR solves the case of the ailing watercress. — CTAHR feature story, 12/4/2001


New programs debut in Fall of 2001. — CTAHR feature story, 11/28/2001

Alan Titchenal and Joannie Dobbs: Before you eat another cookie, consider this… — Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 11/28/2001

Alan Titchenal and Joannie Dobbs: Beware of botulism in flavored-oil products. — Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 11/21/2001

CTAHR celebrates the centennial of the Hawaii Agricultural Research Station! — CTAHR feature story, 11/16/2001

Alan Titchenal and Joannie Dobbs: Summit to look at hunger, food insecurity in Hawaii. — Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 11/7/2001

CTAHR Department of Family and Consumer Sciences' family economics extension specialist Ron Wall's publications on personal finance and financial difficulties featured. — CTAHR feature story, 11/5/2001

Weed science specialist Phil Motooka wrote a letter to the editor about the insecticide DDT; he provided an historical overview of the pesticide and reasoned that its past indiscriminate use should not preclude judicious uses in the present to protect human health. — The Honolulu Advertiser, 11/2/2001


Alan Titchenal and Joannie Dobbs: Internet brews storm over caffeine hazards. — Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 10/31/2001

Trisha Macomber (Natural Resources and Environmental Management) has begun a testing program for fecal contamination of water in rainwater catchment systems on the Big Island — Hawaii Tribune Herald, 10/24/2001

Family resources professor Grace Fong and Center on the Family’s Ivette Stern and Sylvia Yuen were quoted extensively in an article offering counsel to people coping with financial crisis. — The Honolulu Advertiser, 10/21/2001

CTAHR's Dietetic Program deemed one of the Nation's Best by the American Dietetic Association — CTAHR feature story, 10/17/2001

Alan Titchenal and Joannie Dobbs: Nutritionists Alan Titchenal and Joannie Dobbs exposed the habits of the dengue-fever vector: the mosquito likes daylight and dark clothing, and catnip offers promise as a repellent. — Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 10/17/2001

Mechanical engineer Dan Paquin (Molecular Biology and Bioengineering) was "surrounded like a rock star" after presenting results of his work to a hemp industry association meeting on Maui. Paquin's research indicates hemp's potential to bioremediate contaminated Hawaiian soils. — Honolulu Weekly, 10/17/2001

Linda Arthur’s exhibit in the UH Costume Gallery, complementing the UH Art Dept. Gallery exhibit on French fashion of the 1940s, showed what people in Hawaii were wearing at the time. — The Honolulu Advertiser, 10/16/2001

Joe DeFrank, Skip Bittenbender, and Craig Okazaki (Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences) demonstrated “Hawaiian Rules Bocce” for a live telecast by Manolo Morales on Channel 2 (KHON) news. Doug Hamasaki (Publications and Information Office) and former graduate student James Leary, also co-inventors of the new form of this ancient lawn bowling game, were also on hand. — Channel 2 (KHON) news, 10/16/2001

Alan Titchenal and Joannie Dobbs: CTAHR sports nutritionist Alan Titchenal and private nutrition consultant Joannie Dobbs discuss fast food that is fancier, fresher, and lighter. — Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 10/10/2001

PEPS Extension Specialist Arnold Hara's photos of a newly identified invasive caterpiller featured on the Star Bulletin's website. — Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 10/9/2001

“Choosing foods to balance your nutrient and energy needs” is key to maintaining a vegan diet that is not low in iron, zinc, calcium, protein, and vitamin B12, nutrition professor Dian Dooley told HMSA’s Island Scene for an article titled “The Vegan Challenge.” — HMSA’s Island Scene, 10/8/2001

Alan Titchenal and Joannie Dobbs: CTAHR sports nutritionist Alan Titchenal and private nutrition consultant Joannie Dobbs give their views on raw food enzymes. — Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 10/3/2001


Alan Titchenal and Joannie Dobbs: Daily personal time vital to health. — Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 9/26/2001

CTAHR economists Linda Cox and Gary Vieth look at the costs and benefits of Hanauma Bay use. — CTAHR feature story, 9/22/2001

Meadow Gold's Waimanalo dairy farm looking to close and it may be gifted to CTAHR. — The Honolulu Advertiser, 9/11/2001


CTAHR economist Richard Bowen quoted in story about Big Island banana grower Richard Ha. — Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 8/21/2001


Julian Yates and Maria Aihara-Sasaki describe how homeowners can best prevent and control infestations of both subterranean Formosan termites (ground termites) and drywood termites. — Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 7/11/2001