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Extramural Grant Projects

Extramural awards (as opposed to Intramural awards in which the funding decisions are made within CTAHR) include research or non-research grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements from federal, private, foreign and other outside sources. This database includes all CTAHR awards that were processed through the Office of Research Services (ORS) and can be sorted by Title, PI, and/or Amount by clicking on the headers. Awards which are not processed through ORS, such as formula funds (Hatch, McIntire-Stennis, and Smith-Lever), are not included in this database. The awards are reported by “Awarded Date” and multiyear awards are listed according to the dates that the funds were received by ORS (either all during the first year or divided annually over the award period).

Additional information describing individual USDA grants in greater detail can be found by searching the following USDA Current Research Information System (CRIS) website. For information on writing and submitting grants, go to the employee's page.

CTAHR has received the following awards since 2005.

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Project TitleFunding AgencyAwarded DateInvestigatorAmount
Memorandum of Agreement Relating to Quality Care for Home-Based and Center-Based Child Care ProvidersHuman Services, Dept - HI6/1/2007Yuen, Sylvia$646,787
Learning to Grow 2007-2008Human Services, Dept - HI6/1/2007Fong, Grace$601,213
Area-Wide Pest Management Tephritid Flies that Infest Hawaii-Grown Fruits and VegetablesAgriculture, Dept - FED8/14/2007Mau, Ronald$550,000
Portal Program for Iraq and Afghanistan Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRT-Portal)Agriculture, Dept - FED8/21/2007Jarjees, Ekhlass$471,646
United States Navy/4-H Youth Development ProjectAgriculture, Dept - FED11/1/2007Ikeda, Carol$250,000
Hawaiian Home Lands Agricultural Education ProgramHawaiian Home Lands, Dept - HI1/23/2007Nishijima, Wayne$239,993
Value-added Products and Postharvest Treatments Development for HawaiiAgriculture, Dept - FED9/28/2007Hashimoto, Andrew$237,519
Protecting Papaya from Pests and DiseasesAgriculture, Dept - FED4/4/2007Vincent, Douglas$216,713
Relating to the Evaluation of the UPLINK ProgramHuman Services, Dept - HI12/10/2007Yuen, Sylvia$202,000
Implementing Quarantine Heat Treatments for the Coqui Frog and Other Invasive Species Impacting the Hawaiian Nursery IndustryAgriculture, Dept - HI5/23/2007Hara, Arnold$200,000
Hawaii Pineapple ImprovementAgriculture, Dept - FED9/27/2007Vincent, Douglas$189,970
Protecting Papaya from Pests and DiseasesAgriculture, Dept - FED9/27/2007Vincent, Douglas$189,970
Data Collection and Analysis of Substance Abuse Prevention ServicesHealth, Dept - Alcohol & Drug Abuse Div-HI2/27/2007Yuen, Sylvia$189,017
Minor Crops Pest and Disease ControlAgriculture, Dept - FED9/27/2007Vincent, Douglas$180,426
Data Collection and Analysis of Substance Abuse Prevention ServicesHealth, Dept - HI10/17/2007He, Shi-Jen$173,283
Longevity Foods, Sirt Activation and Diabetic DyslipidemiaHealth & Human Svc, Dept - Natl Inst of Health (NIH)9/26/2007Nerurkar, Pratibha$173,000
Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation's Professional Development Program: Enhancing On-Farm Performance in Food Safety to Market the Highest Quality ProduceHawaii Farm Bureau Federation9/28/2007Hollyer, James$160,000
Environmental Effects of Tephritid Fruit Fly Eradication and ControlAgriculture, Dept - FED9/27/2007Vincent, Douglas$159,716
Attraction of Non-Target Organisms to Fruit Fly Female Attractants and Male Lures in Hawai‘IAgriculture, Dept - FED8/14/2007Rubinoff, Daniel$151,423
Water Quality Research and Extension in HawaiiArizona, University of10/30/2007Evensen, Carl$151,370
A Risk Management Training Program for Socially Disadvantaged Filipino and Southeast Asian Growers of HawaiiAgriculture, Dept - FED8/24/2007Swift, Sabina$150,000
Terrestrial Oilcrops for Biodiesel ProductionAgriculture, Dept - HI5/14/2007Uehara, Goro$150,000
Food Stamp Nutrition Education - UH/CESHealth & Human Svc, Dept - FED9/24/2007Kanehiro, Naomi$149,640
Services to Evaluate and Monitor Substance Abuse Service Outcomes and Process Evaluation Activities of the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division Funded…Health, Dept - Alcohol & Drug Abuse Div-HI6/18/2007Yuen, Sylvia$147,563
UH-CTAHR Extension and Research Projects in Maui County FY2008County of Maui - Ofc of Economic Development12/13/2007Keyser, Harold$132,556
Ralstonia Solanacearum Race 3 biovar 2: Detection, Exclusion, and Analysis of a Select Agent PathogenWisconsin Madison, University of4/3/2007Alvarez, Anne$131,408
Manduca blackburni Sphinx Moth as a Model Organism for Hybrid Insect MEMS Technology and Feasibility Study for Aquatic Beetle MEMSDefense, Dept - Advanced Rsch Proj Agency10/5/2007Rubinoff, Daniel$127,740
Supplement to Initial Proposal: Assessment of the Effectiveness of the Online BodybuggTM Calorie Monitoring System for Long-term Weight ControlAPEX Fitness Group, Inc4/30/2007Titchenal, C$126,684
Networking, Collaborating, and Partnering for Effective Family & Community ProgramsAgriculture, Dept - FED5/8/2007Ikeda, Carol$124,000
Hawaii Pineapple ImprovementAgriculture, Dept - FED4/4/2007Vincent, Douglas$117,866
Management of Formosan Subterranean Termites in Hawaii Through School Campus Based Research and SuppressionAgriculture, Dept - FED7/12/2007Grace, Jack$112,500
Biological Control, Invasive Species, and Public PolicyAgriculture, Dept - FED6/19/2007Messing, Russell$112,000
Nutrition Consultation and ReviewHuman Services, Dept - HI4/27/2007Kanehiro, Naomi$100,000
Assisting Rainwater Catchment System Users in Hawaii CountyCounty of Hawaii2/23/2007Macomber, Patricia$100,000
Synthesis of Fluorescent Peptide Toxins for Cellular Imaging of Ion Channels Detective in LQT SyndromesAmerican Heart Association12/7/2007Bingham, Jon-Paul$97,500
Solarization and Cover Crop as Alternatives to Soil Fumigants for Hawaii Pineapple GrowersEnvironmental Protection Agency10/26/2007Wang, Koon-Hui$90,000
A Survey of the Natural Resources, Fine-Fuel Loads, and Extent of Fountain Grass Invasion on Rangelands in the Pu‘u Wa‘awa‘a Area of West HawaiiWest Hawaii Wildfire Management Org2/27/2007Thorne, Mark$86,241
Detection, Control and Mitigation of Banana Bunchy Top Virus (BBTV) and Citrus Tristeza (CTV) Virus in HawaiiAgriculture, Dept - FED9/27/2007Vincent, Douglas$77,151
Multi-Sensor Translation of EOS Reflectance and Vegetation Index Products for Long Term Continuity with AVHRRNational Aeronautics & Space Administration3/20/2007Miura, Tomoaki$75,156
2006 Hawaii Kids Count Plan GuidelinesCasey (Annie E.) Foundation2/20/2007Yuen, Sylvia$75,000
Hawaii Rainfall and Forage Production Index ProjectAgriculture, Dept - Ntrl Resources Conservation Svc -FED8/8/2007Thorne, Mark$73,334
Genetic Selection of Beef Cattle Through DNA and Ultrasound TechnologyHawaii Farm Bureau Federation9/28/2007Yang, Jinzeng$70,000
Western Regional Center in the National Plant Diagnostic NetworkCalifornia Davis, University of10/5/2007Alvarez, Anne$70,000
Establishment of a Chemical Database of Hawaiian Coffees for Origin Authentication Using Gas Chromatography and Near Infrared SpectroscopyHawaii Farm Bureau Federation9/28/2007Gautz, Loren$65,825
Innovations in Stream Phytoremediation and Erosion Control of Degraded Steam BanksSustainable Resources Group International6/19/2007Bruland, Gregory$63,502
Development of Isoform Specific Sensory Neuronal Sodium Channel BlockersIndiana University4/16/2007Bingham, Jon-Paul$62,606
Prevention and Control of Invasive Termite Species in Hawaii and the American PacificAgriculture, Dept - FED8/29/2007Grace, Jack$60,500
Management of Formosan Subterranean Termites in Hawaii Through School Campus Based Research and SuppressionAgriculture, Dept - FED9/4/2007Grace, Jack$59,463
Pacific Regional Aquaculture Information Service for Education (PRAISE) and Publications, Year 1--Publications ComponentsOceanic Institute - Ctr for Tropical & Subtrpcl Aquaculture (CTSA)8/15/2007Hashimoto, Andrew$56,270
2007 Hawaii IR-4 Food Use Field ProjectsCalifornia Davis, University of10/17/2007Kawate, Michael$54,000
Water Quality Research and Extension Coordination in HawaiiArizona, University of2/27/2007Evensen, Carl$53,725
Ultrasensitive Immunoassays Using a Novel Phage-Mediated Signal-Amplification SystemHCF-Straub (George F) Trust Estate6/6/2007Su, Wei-Wen$50,000
Hawaii Pest Management and Regulatory Information and Notification NetworkCalifornia Davis, University of11/2/2007Kawate, Michael$50,000
Nutrition Service for Older AdultsHealth, Dept - Executive Office on Aging-HI5/24/2007Kanehiro, Naomi$50,000
Hawaii Animal Premise Identification System Outreach and CommunicationAgriculture, Dept - HI6/8/2007Thorne, Mark$49,000
Analysis of Energy Crop Production and Other Agricultural- Related Uses For Dole's North Shore and LanaiDole Food Company5/3/2007Ogoshi, Richard$47,543
Soil Organic Matter Management to Improve Soil and Crop Quality on Intensive Vegetable Farms in HawaiiHawaii Farm Bureau Federation9/28/2007Deenik, Jonathan$46,513
New Innovations in Native Forest Restoration for High-Elevation Rangelands Infested with the Noxious Weed Kikuyu Grass (Pennisetum clandestinum)Agriculture, Dept - Ntrl Resources Conservation Svc -FED8/9/2007Idol, Travis$46,040
Enhancing Phyto-Nutrient Content, Yield and Quality of Vegetables with Compost Tea in the TropicsUtah State University8/20/2007Radovich, Theodore$45,343
Implementation of Local Action Strategy to Address Land-based Pollution Threats to Hawaii's Coral ReefsLand & Natural Res, Dept - Div of Aquatic Resources-HI6/20/2007Evensen, Carl$45,000
Communication in Agricultural BiotechnologyAgriculture, Dept - FED9/28/2007Wieczorek, Anna$42,305
Baby SAFE Program ReportHealth, Dept - Maternal and Child Health Branch-HI10/10/2007Yuen, Sylvia$41,000
Rapid Assessment and Trajectory Modeling of Soil Carbon Across a Southeastern LandscapeFlorida, University of11/27/2007Bruland, Gregory$40,431
Development of Best Management Practices for the Control of Madagascar Fireweed (Senecio madagascariensis Poiret) in HawaiiHawaii Farm Bureau Federation9/28/2007Thorne, Mark$40,000
Enhancing Soil Quality and Fruit Tree Growth with Arachis pintoi Cover Crops in Hawaii OrchardsHawaii Farm Bureau Federation9/28/2007Radovich, Theodore$38,751
Biotic and Abiotic Attenuation of Nitrogenous Energetic Compounds (NEC) in Coastal Waters and SedimentsDefense, Dept - Office of Naval Research6/25/2007Li, Qingxiao$36,971
The Kauai Hybrid Papaya ProjectAgriculture, Dept - HI6/12/2007Sekioka, Terry$35,659
Home Range and Disturbance Patterns of Feral PigsNature Conservancy of Hawaii12/26/2007Lepczyk, Christopher$35,000
Analyses of Honey Imported into Hawaii for Contaminants and Adulterants and Country of OriginHawaii Farm Bureau Federation9/28/2007Li, Qingxiao$32,000
Management of Banana Bunchy Top in Hawaii - Western Regional Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (WSARE) Professional Development ProgramUtah State University3/23/2007Hooks, Cerruti$30,674
Military 4-H GrantKansas State University12/26/2007Nakatsuka, Claire$30,000
Minor Use Pesticide ResearchCalifornia Davis, University of3/9/2007Li, Qingxiao$30,000
A Pilot Monitoring for On-Site PCB Removal from Waste OilDawson Group, Inc3/23/2007Yang, Ping-Yi$30,000
Identifying the Bacteria (Types) that is Causing Milk to SpoilHawaii Farm Bureau Federation9/28/2007Lee, Chin$29,913
Analysis of a Hybrid Recombinant Protein to Increase the Specificity and Coverage of In Vitro Diagnostic Kits for Mycobacterium TuberculosisHCF-Leahi Fund2/22/2007Borthakur, Dulal$29,815
Survey for Bacterial Pests Associated with Heart Rot Disease of Pineapple and Blight Diseases of Vegetatively Propagated Ornamental CropsAgriculture, Dept - FED9/5/2007Alvarez, Anne$28,410
Grocery Store Tour: Touring Our Supermarkets for Salads, Soups and Stir-FrysHealth, Dept - HI8/13/2007Kanehiro, Naomi$28,200
Control of Natural Flowering of PineappleAgriculture, Dept - HI6/8/2007Paull, Robert$28,142
Sustainable Management of Corn Ear Worm (Helicoverpa zea) on Seed Corn in Hawaii Using Augmentative Biological ControlAgriculture, Dept - HI6/5/2007Wright, Mark$25,358
Attraction of Non-Target Organisms to Fruit Fly Female Attractants and Male Lures in HawaiiAgriculture, Dept - FED9/27/2007Rubinoff, Daniel$25,000
Subregional Showcase Conference for HawaiiUtah State University11/27/2007Deenik, Jonathan$25,000
Virtual Field Days to Improve Farmer-Researcher-Extension LinkagesUtah State University12/26/2007Deenik, Jonathan$25,000
Area-Wide Pest Management Tephritid Flies that Infest Hawaii-Grown Fruits and VegetablesAgriculture, Dept - FED9/28/2007Mau, Ronald$25,000
Educating Family Caregivers on Healthcare FraudHealth, Dept - Executive Office on Aging-HI6/8/2007Yancura, Loriena$25,000
Coordination and Implementation of Hawaii's Local Action Strategy to Address Land-Based Pollution Threats to Coral ReefsAgriculture, Dept - Ntrl Resources Conservation Svc -FED9/6/2007Evensen, Carl$25,000
Hawaii Pesticide Applicator Training 2008-2010 Work PlanAgriculture, Dept - HI6/12/2007Nagamine, Charles$24,990
Remediation of Arsenic in Hawaii Soils: Laboratory and Field Pilot Studies of PhytoremediationHealth, Dept - HI12/18/2007Hue, Nguyen$24,000
Economic Analytical Support for Fishery Management ActionsCommerce, Dept - Natl Oceanic & Atmospheric Adm (NOAA)8/20/2007Leung, Ping$24,000
Research on Grandparents Raising Grandchildren in HawaiiHealth, Dept - Executive Office on Aging-HI6/19/2007Yancura, Loriena$23,997
Relationship of an Alien Plant, Fuel Dynamics, Fire Weather and Unprecedented Wildfires in Hawaiian Rain ForestOregon State University8/29/2007Litton, Creighton$22,966
2007 Funding for Mutual InterestAgriculture, Dept - FED9/12/2007Grace, Jack$22,000
Phylogeography, Conservation and Evolution of Northwest Hawaiian Islands Case-Bearing Moths (Hyposmocoma: Cosmopteridgidae)National Geographic Society3/16/2007Rubinoff, Daniel$20,060
Agricultural Biotechnology and Marketing Outreach for Hawaii CropsHawaii Farm Bureau Federation9/28/2007Wieczorek, Anna$20,000
Phosphorus Decision Support System: Developing a Model for Predicting Amounts of Rock Phosphate Needed to Meet Crop P. Requirements - Fellow A.DiarraCalifornia Davis, University of2/6/2007Yost, Russell$20,000
Effects of Diet and Season on Nutrient Assimilation, Energetic Efficiency, Body Composition, Blood Metabolites and Hormone Profiles on Growing…Alaska SeaLife Center11/6/2007Carpenter, James$20,000
Characterization of East African Apple AAB/AB and 'Muraru' AA Groups of Banana Accessions Fellowship M. OnyangoCalifornia Davis, University of4/11/2007Manshardt, Richard$19,900
Supplement to Initial Proposal: Assessment of the Effectiveness of the Online BodybuggTM Calorie Monitoring System for Long-term Weight ControlAPEX Fitness Group, Inc2/8/2007Titchenal, C$19,285
Evaluation Contract with Na Kamalei K.E.E.P.Na Kamalei KEEP2/23/2007DeBaryshe, Barbara$18,000
Evaluation of Subterranean Termite Behavior and ControlDow AgroSciences1/1/2007Grace, Jack$17,500
SARE Professional Development Program Plan for HawaiiWyoming, University of9/11/2007Radovich, Theodore$15,000
Plant and Protein Biotech ResearchUniversity of Hawaii Foundation11/8/2007Su, Wei-Wen$15,000
2005 Minor Use Pesticide ResearchCalifornia Davis, University of3/9/2007Li, Qingxiao$15,000
Contribution of Agriculture to Hawaii's Economy: An UpdateAgriculture, Dept - HI10/1/2007Leung, Ping$14,950
2007 - Mealani Forage Field Day Educational ProgramAgriculture, Dept - Ntrl Resources Conservation Svc -FED5/17/2007Thorne, Mark$14,209
Improved Water Management Technology for Hawaii's High Value Export CropsCounty of Hawaii8/24/2007Singleton, Paul$11,959
Effect of Season, Location and Age of Regrowth on Forage Protein and Carbohydrate Fractions, and In Vitro Digestibility of Tropical GrassesCounty of Hawaii8/16/2007Carpenter, James$10,800
Potential Productivity of Corn-based Bioethanol for Hawaii CountyCounty of Hawaii8/24/2007Brewbaker, James$10,000
Identification of the Sex Pheromone of the Banana Moth, Opogona sacchari Boher in HawaiiAgriculture, Dept - FED9/27/2007Wright, Mark$10,000
Genetic Identity, Range and Phylogeography of the Threatened Kern Primrose Sphinx Moth (Euproserpinus euterpe)Interior, Dept - U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service11/8/2007Rubinoff, Daniel$10,000
2007 -- Funding for Research of Mutual Interest - Amendment #1Agriculture, Dept - FED4/25/2007Grace, Jack$9,100
People's Psychophysiological Responses to Tropical Trees in Urban Landscapes of HawaiiLand & Natural Res, Dept - Kaululani Urban & Cmnty Forestry Grant Prog-HI8/1/2007Kaufman, Andrew$8,529
Direct ULV herbicide applications for controlling Australian Tree Fern in native watersheds on the island of KauaiNature Conservancy7/1/2007Leary, James$8,430
Evaluating Yield Potential and Quality Parameters of Taiwan and China Oolong Tea for Small Scale Production in HawaiiCounty of Hawaii8/24/2007Sato, Dwight$8,000
Solar Water Disinfestation for Produce Washing: Workshops and SurveyAgriculture, Dept - HI8/8/2007Hollyer, James$7,500
2007 -- Funding for Research of Mutual Interest - Amendment #1Agriculture, Dept - FED8/29/2007Grace, Jack$6,550
A Review and Assessment of Some Issues in the Milk Act - Hawaii Revised Statues: Chapter 157Agriculture, Dept - HI3/5/2007Lee, Chin$5,692
The Ecology, Systematics and Conservation of Hawaii's Remarkable Aquatic Moths (Hyposmocoma Cosmopteridgidae)Land & Natural Res, Dept - HI6/19/2007Rubinoff, Daniel$5,000
A Series of IPM Workshops for Turfgrass Managers in HawaiiCalifornia Davis, University of12/10/2007Brosnan, James$5,000
Conversion of Invasive Species into Charcoal and Assessment of Use as Potting MediaCounty of Hawaii8/24/2007Nishina, Melvin$5,000
Evaluation of Sweet Potato Cultivars for Fuel Alcohol ProductionCounty of Hawaii8/22/2007Miyasaka, Susan$5,000
Sustainable Pest Management in Vegetable Agro-ecosystemsUniversity of Hawaii Foundation5/8/2007Hooks, Cerruti$2,564
New Tropical Ginger Cut FlowersHill (Joseph H) Memorial Foundation, Inc.8/8/2007Criley, Richard$1,375
Total:    $10,019,700

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