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Extramural Grant Projects

Extramural awards (as opposed to Intramural awards in which the funding decisions are made within CTAHR) include research or non-research grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements from federal, private, foreign and other outside sources. This database includes all CTAHR awards that were processed through the Office of Research Services (ORS) and can be sorted by Title, PI, and/or Amount by clicking on the headers. Awards which are not processed through ORS, such as formula funds (Hatch, McIntire-Stennis, and Smith-Lever), are not included in this database. The awards are reported by “Awarded Date” and multiyear awards are listed according to the dates that the funds were received by ORS (either all during the first year or divided annually over the award period).

Additional information describing individual USDA grants in greater detail can be found by searching the following USDA Current Research Information System (CRIS) website. For information on writing and submitting grants, go to the employee's page.

CTAHR has received the following awards since 2005.

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Project TitleFunding AgencyAwarded DateInvestigatorAmount
Native Hawaiian Homestead Associations: Community Forests and Family Trees for Native Hawaiian Health and Well-BeingAGRICULTURE, DEPT, FOREST SVC-FED NATL URB/COMM FRSTRY3/2/2024Lincoln, Noa K$2,000,000
Hawaii Cooperative Extension Program FY2023AGRICULTURE, DEPT-NATL INST FOOD AND AGRICULTURE1/19/2024Wieczorek, Anna Magda$1,189,731
SNAP-EdHUMAN SERVICES, DEPT-HI Benefits, Employment & Support Services5/20/2024Butel, Jean$768,570
Hawaii Cooperative Extension Program FY2024AGRICULTURE, DEPT-NATL INST FOOD AND AGRICULTURE3/18/2024Wieczorek, Anna Magda$599,668
Engineered Auto-Excising Protein Domains for Advanced Gene-Stacking in Plants With Agricultural ApplicationsGates (Bill and Melinda) Foundation1/25/2024Su, Wei-Wen Winston$498,059
GoFarm Hawaii: Enhancing Hawaii's Agricultural WorkforceAGRICULTURE, DEPT-NATL INST FOOD AND AGRICULTURE1/2/2024Yamamoto, Janel$475,000
Hawaii Hatch Research Program FY 2024AGRICULTURE, DEPT-NATL INST FOOD AND AGRICULTURE3/18/2024Wieczorek, Anna Magda$471,216
Services to Support, Monitor, and Improve Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention Data Management and Analysis, Technical Assistance, and Education/Training to Enhance the State's System of Care ...HEALTH, DEPT-HI - ALCOHOL & DRUG ABUSE DIV6/18/2024Kim, Ji-Yeon$450,000
Tinian Beef Cattle Industry Technical AssistanceCOMMONWEALTH OF NO MARIANA ISLANDS COMM DEVL AUTH3/20/2024Thorne, Mark$400,000
Biodegradable Cellulosic Bio-Polymer to Replace Plastics For Military Food Packaging and Food ServiceBiomass Energy Systems Inc.1/11/2024Khanal, Samir$350,223
GoFarm HawaiiUNIVERSITY HAWAII FOUNDATION2/7/2024Yamamoto, Janel$300,000
GoFarm Hawaii - Am AgCreditUNIVERSITY HAWAII FOUNDATION1/15/2024Yamamoto, Janel$300,000
Monitoring Coconut Rhinoceros BeetleDEFENSE, DEPT- US ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS3/4/2024Melzer, Michael$289,941
Statewide Management of Coconut Rhinoceros BeetleLAND & NATURAL RES, DPT-FORST (DLNR)4/16/2024Melzer, Michael$259,833
Strategic Prevention Framework Evaluation Implementation ServicesHEALTH, DEPT-HI - ALCOHOL & DRUG ABUSE DIV4/5/2024Yuan, Sarah$230,000
Utilizing Phytochemical Diversity and Microbes for Effective Nematode ControlAGRICULTURE, DEPT-NATL INST FOOD AND AGRICULTURE6/14/2024Shikano, Ikkei$225,000
Hawaii Hatch Multistate Research Program FY 2024AGRICULTURE, DEPT-NATL INST FOOD AND AGRICULTURE3/18/2024Wieczorek, Anna Magda$222,133
Detection and Management Strategies for the Control of Prosapia bicincta (Twolined Spittlebug) in HawaiiHawaii Invasive Species Council1/24/2024Thorne, Mark$200,000
RAPID: Post-Wildfire Runoff From Burned Urban Coastal LandscapeNATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION1/9/2024Tsang, Yinphan$200,000
Promoting USDA GroupGAP in HawaiiAGRICULTURE, DEPT-HI5/13/2024Wages, Sharon Aiko$200,000
6.0061.1 - Auto-Dissemination of MicrobiAgriculture, Dept - Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service6/4/2024Shikano, Ikkei$196,570
Develop Molecular Diagnostic Tools to Determine Strain and Mating Status of Fruit Fly IncursionsAGRICULTURE, DEPT-AGRI RSCH SVC-FED1/15/2024Rubinoff, Daniel$190,782
6.0407.01 - Spinosad resistance and alt.Agriculture, Dept - Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service6/4/2024Shikano, Ikkei$170,660
UH-CTAHR Projects in Maui County FY24COUNTY MAUI OFC OF ECON DEVEL1/29/2024Reeves, Cynthia Lynn$150,000
Increasing Biological Control Capacity in Hawaii for Priority PestsLAND & NATURAL RES, DPT-FORST (DLNR)2/8/2024Wright, Mark$149,019
Hawaii Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program FY 2024AGRICULTURE, DEPT-NATL INST FOOD AND AGRICULTURE3/18/2024Wieczorek, Anna Magda$140,796
Supporting Agribusiness in Rural Hawaii Through GoFarm Hawaii ProgramAGRICULTURE, DEPT-RURAL DEVELOPMENT2/13/2024Yamamoto, Janel$125,958
Push-Pull Technology for Management of Tropical Nut Borer, a Key Pest of Macadamia in HawaiiAgriculture, Dept - Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service4/29/2024Wright, Mark$114,147
CAREER: Soil Pedogenesis, Agroecology, and Their InteractionsNATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION1/7/2024Lincoln, Noa K$109,804
Hawaii McIntire-Stennis Research Program FY2024AGRICULTURE, DEPT-NATL INST FOOD AND AGRICULTURE3/19/2024Wieczorek, Anna Magda$102,570
Memorandum of Understanding Between Hawaii Ulu Producers Cooperative and the University of HawaiiHawaii Ulu Producers Cooperative1/3/2024Lincoln, Noa K$101,028
Empowering Maui County in the Wake of Natural Disaster: Building a Foundation for Community Action Through EducationAGRICULTURE, DEPT-NATL INST FOOD AND AGRICULTURE2/13/2024Ooki, Nancy$101,001
Targeted Epigenetic Silencing of Cassava Disease Susceptibility Phase IIDonald Danforth Plant Science Center4/8/2024Motomura, Sharon$100,000
Scalable Black Soldier Fly (BSF)-Based Biorefinery for Valorization of Organic Wastes Into Diverse Biobased Products/BiomaterialsAGRICULTURE, DEPT-HI1/7/2024Khanal, Samir$100,000
FRSAN 2023 Western Region Agricultural Stress Assistance Program III 23-24WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY2/7/2024Le, Thao$100,000
Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle Management at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-HickamDEFENSE, DEPT-NAVY NAVAL FAC ENGRG COMMAND6/18/2024Melzer, Michael$98,235
STTR Phase I HawaiiLepidext, Inc.1/28/2024Cheng, Zhiqiang$87,499
Portable Scaled Sample Preparation Device for Concentration and Recovery of Bacterial ContaminantsVIC Foundry, Inc.1/26/2024Jenkins, Daniel MC Kewn$85,603
Hauʻoli Mau Loa Fellows - NREM AY22-24UNIVERSITY HAWAII FOUNDATION4/26/2024Miura, Tomoaki$82,018
Hauoli Mau Loa Fellows - NREMUNIVERSITY HAWAII FOUNDATION4/18/2024Miura, Tomoaki$82,016
Next Generation Biosecurity Monitoring of Invasive Alien Arthropod SpeciesCALIFORNIA BERKELEY, UNIVERSITY OF3/28/2024Krushelnycky, Paul$79,298
Ungulate Distribution Models for Wildlife Conservation and Recreational Hunting: Hawai`iLAND & NATURAL RES, DPT-FORST (DLNR)1/30/2024Price, Melissa Renae$72,390
Conserving Habitat and Other Actions for Yellow-Faced Bee Species on MauiLAND & NATURAL RES, DPT-FORST (DLNR)1/19/2024Krushelnycky, Paul$67,625
Western Region IR-4 Project (Fluopyram/Pineapple)CALIFORNIA DAVIS, UNIVERSITY OF2/1/2024Cheng, Zhiqiang$65,000
AgDiscovery Summer Enrichment ProgramAgriculture, Dept - Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service5/29/2024Wieczorek, Anna Magda$54,000
Management and Treatment of Rapid Ohia DeathLAND & NATURAL RES, DPT-FORST (DLNR)3/11/2024Friday, James$52,000
Oscillating Magnetic Field Assisted Supercooling Preservation of Fresh and Unfrozen Ovaries at Subzero TemperaturesJun Innovations Inc4/5/2024Mishra, Birendra$50,000
Hawaii Integrated Pest Management Program for Diamondback Moth to Increase the Sustainability of Crucifers CropsAGRICULTURE, DEPT-HI6/18/2024Gutierrez-Coarite, Rosemary$50,000
Extension and Outreach for Rapid Ohia DeathLAND & NATURAL RES, DPT-FORST (DLNR)3/12/2024Friday, James$49,999
Acquisition of Goods and ServicesAGRICULTURE, DEPT-AGRI RSCH SVC-FED1/1/2024Bowen, Walter Truman$48,785
Evaluation of HPCA's School Health and Diabetes Prevention ProgramsHAWAII PRIMARY CARE ASSOCIATION6/25/2024Yuan, Sarah$43,500
Acquisition of Goods and ServicesAGRICULTURE, DEPT-AGRI RSCH SVC-FED6/24/2024Sipes, Brent$42,000
Digitization, Identification, and Research of the Insect Collection at Haleakala National ParkINTERIOR, DEPT-NATIONAL PARK SVC1/25/2024Rubinoff, Daniel$40,032
Subalpine Ecosystem Biotic Trends and Ecological ProcessesINTERIOR, DEPT-NATIONAL PARK SVC2/13/2024Krushelnycky, Paul$35,700
Converting Macroalgal Biomass Into Bio-Oil via Microwave Pretreatment and Oleaginous Yeast FermentationAGRICULTURE, DEPT-HI2/16/2024Khanal, Samir$35,000
Nanobubble-Based Non-Chemical Strategy Food SafetyAGRICULTURE, DEPT-HI6/25/2024Khanal, Samir$35,000
Teaching ChangeUNIVERSITY HAWAII FOUNDATION2/1/2024Litton, Creighton$33,786
Hawaii KIDS COUNT Social Indicator Data Center ManagementHawaii Children's Action Network4/8/2024Zan, Hua$32,254
Plant Disease ControlUNIVERSITY HAWAII FOUNDATION3/28/2024Alvarez, Anne$30,000
An Integrated Transcriptomic and Epigenetic Atlas of Chicken Embryonic Stem CellsMARYLAND, UNIVERSITY OF3/7/2024He, Yanghua$29,880
Tropical Green Roof and Living Wall Research CenterHAWAII COMMUNITY FOUNDATION ULUPONO FUND4/4/2024Kaufman, Andrew$26,170
Western Plant Diagnostic Network (2022-2026)CALIFORNIA DAVIS, UNIVERSITY OF4/16/2024Melzer, Michael$25,000
Steven and Karen Sato StudentUNIVERSITY HAWAII FOUNDATION2/14/2024Wieczorek, Anna Magda$24,210
Equity Seed Grant ProgramSafe States Alliance4/8/2024Le, Thao$20,000
Symbrosia SeaGraze TrialsSymbrosia Inc.1/8/2024Thorne, Mark$19,328
Keeping it Green and Healthy: Developing Green Technologies for Urban SustainabilityLand Economics Foundation of Lambda Alpha International5/28/2024Kaufman, Andrew$18,962
Continued Invasion by Arcte coerula (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae), a Recent Pest of Mamaki and Other Nettles in HawaiiHawaii Invasive Species Council3/25/2024Wright, Mark$18,832
Hawaii RREA Program FY 2024AGRICULTURE, DEPT-NATL INST FOOD AND AGRICULTURE3/18/2024Wieczorek, Anna Magda$18,580
Dolphin Quest Toxoplasmosis Exposure RateUNIVERSITY HAWAII FOUNDATION2/12/2024West, Kristi L$18,066
Extension and Outreach for Rapid Ohia DeathLAND & NATURAL RES, DPT-FORST (DLNR)5/1/2024Friday, James$17,713
Environmental HorticultureCALIFORNIA DAVIS, UNIVERSITY OF1/31/2024Cheng, Zhiqiang$17,500
Developing Clonal Rootstocks for Hawaii’s Cacao Growers and ResearchersAGRICULTURE, DEPT-HI5/10/2024Uyeda, Jensen$17,291
Partners in Excellence for Leadership in MCH NutritionCALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES, UNIV3/7/2024Esquivel, Monica$17,170
IR-4 Project Performance HIP01 Coffee & HIP02 PapayaCALIFORNIA DAVIS, UNIVERSITY OF2/1/2024Cheng, Zhiqiang$16,000
Kupu Aina Corps Host Site 2023-2024UNIVERSITY HAWAII FOUNDATION5/14/2024Bernal, Lydi B K Morgan$15,000
CTAHR Academic AffairsUNIVERSITY HAWAII FOUNDATION2/14/2024Wieczorek, Anna Magda$15,000
Understanding Germplasm Transitions To Safeguard the Future of Plant BreedingAGRICULTURE, DEPT-NATL INST FOOD AND AGRICULTURE5/14/2024Kantar, Michael B$15,000
Outreach and Extension for Management of Rapid Ohia Death on Hawaii IslandLAND & NATURAL RES, DPT-FORST (DLNR)1/24/2024Friday, James$13,622
GoFarm Hawaii EnrichmentUNIVERSITY HAWAII FOUNDATION1/24/2024Yamamoto, Janel$10,500
Integrated Solutions Coffee RustCALIFORNIA DAVIS, UNIVERSITY OF1/30/2024Cheng, Zhiqiang$10,000
Dolphin Quest Bottlenose DolphinsUNIVERSITY HAWAII FOUNDATION2/14/2024West, Kristi L$9,000
Western Region IR-4 Project (Fluopyram/Pineapple)CALIFORNIA DAVIS, UNIVERSITY OF2/1/2024Cheng, Zhiqiang$7,222
Acquisition of Goods and ServicesAGRICULTURE, DEPT-AGRI RSCH SVC-FED1/31/2024Bowen, Walter Truman$6,160
Anthurium CultureUNIVERSITY HAWAII FOUNDATION6/25/2024Amore, Teresita$6,000
Kupu Summer Outreach ProgramUNIVERSITY HAWAII FOUNDATION6/18/2024Miura, Tomoaki$2,565
IR-4 Project Performance HIP01 Coffee & HIP02 PapayaCALIFORNIA DAVIS, UNIVERSITY OF2/1/2024Cheng, Zhiqiang$1,778
Hawaii Animal Health and Disease Research Program FY 2024AGRICULTURE, DEPT-NATL INST FOOD AND AGRICULTURE3/13/2024Wieczorek, Anna Magda$1,542
Integrated Solutions Coffee RustCALIFORNIA DAVIS, UNIVERSITY OF1/31/2024Cheng, Zhiqiang$1,111
Total:    $13,352,651

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