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Extramural Grant Projects

Extramural awards (as opposed to Intramural awards in which the funding decisions are made within CTAHR) include research or non-research grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements from federal, private, foreign and other outside sources. This database includes all CTAHR awards that were processed through the Office of Research Services (ORS) and can be sorted by Title, PI, and/or Amount by clicking on the headers. Awards which are not processed through ORS, such as formula funds (Hatch, McIntire-Stennis, and Smith-Lever), are not included in this database. The awards are reported by “Awarded Date” and multiyear awards are listed according to the dates that the funds were received by ORS (either all during the first year or divided annually over the award period).

Additional information describing individual USDA grants in greater detail can be found by searching the following USDA Current Research Information System (CRIS) website. For information on writing and submitting grants, go to the employee's page.

CTAHR has received the following awards since 2005.

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Project TitleFunding AgencyAwarded DateInvestigatorAmount
Hui a'o mua, The Cooperative for Early Learning: An Early Reading First ProjectEducation, Dept - FED10/27/2009DeBaryshe, Barbara$3,812,216
University of Hawaii Agribusiness Education, Training and Incubator (AETI) ProjectAgriculture, Dept - FED8/26/2009Kinoshita, Charles$1,528,630
Hawaii-Iraq Partnership for Revitalizing Kurdistan Agricultural Higher Education and Development (KAHEAD)Kurdistan Regional Government3/19/2009El-Swaify, Samir$1,393,043
Memorandum of Agreement Relating to Quality Care for Home-Based and Center-Based Child Care ProvidersHuman Services, Dept - HI6/5/2009Fong, Grace$517,022
Molokai Native Hawaiian Beginning Farmer ProgramAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED10/2/2009Teves, Glenn$508,618
Learning to Grow 2008-2009Human Services, Dept - HI6/8/2009Fong, Grace$450,910
Ecological Diversity, Systematics, and Conservation of Hawaii's Endemic HyposmocomaNational Science Foundation6/26/2009Rubinoff, Daniel$421,886
Development of Combined Continuous-Flow Microwave and Pulsed Ohmic Heating Technologies for Rapid and Uniform Heating of Multiphase FoodsAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED9/2/2009Jun, Soojin$374,798
Vermicompost-based Media to Enhance Organic Vegetable Seedling Vigor, Yield, Crop Quality and Grower ProfitabilityAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED8/26/2009Radovich, Theodore$351,028
Protecting Papaya from Pests and DiseasesAgriculture, Dept - FED9/30/2009Vincent, Douglas$348,461
Tropical and Subtropical Agricultural Research (TSTAR) for Hawaii: Management 2009Agriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED8/31/2009Grace, Jack$335,000
Agricultural Development in the American Pacific Year 22Agriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED9/23/2009Yuen, Sylvia$326,664
State Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant EvaluationHealth, Dept - HI2/13/2009Yuan, Sarah$299,980
An Exploratory Application of Agent Based Modeling for Policy Evaluations in Hawaii's Longline FisheryNational Science Foundation8/26/2009Leung, Ping$287,437
Pacific Kids DASH for Health (PacDASH)Kaiser Foundation Research Institute5/11/2009Novotny, Rachel$245,607
Value-added Products and Postharvest Treatments Development for HawaiiAgriculture, Dept - FED6/12/2009Hashimoto, Andrew$242,090
Services to Evaluate and Monitor Substance Abuse Service Outcomes and Process Evaluation Activities of the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division Funded…Health, Dept - Alcohol & Drug Abuse Div-HI7/8/2009Kim, Ji-Yeon$234,283
Crop Insurance Education for Hawaii's Producers 2008-2010Agriculture, Dept - FED10/12/2009Nakamoto, Stuart$232,972
Hawaii Floriculture Research Grant - 2009Agriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED9/25/2009Grace, Jack$226,546
Control of Minor Crop Pests and DiseasesAgriculture, Dept - Agricultural Research Svc-FED9/22/2009Grace, Jack$221,732
Evaluating the Efficacy, Biological Interference and Nontarget Impacts of a Fireweed Biological Control Agent ReleaseAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED8/24/2009Rubinoff, Daniel$207,632
Community Needs AssessmentHealth, Dept - HI7/28/2009Yuan, Sarah$206,882
UHM-Collaborative Effort for Evaluating Regionally Based Feedstock and Co-Products for Aquaculture and LivestockAgriculture, Dept - FED9/29/2009Grace, Jack$200,478
An Exploratory Application of Agent Based Modeling for Policy Evaluations in Hawaii's Longline FisheryCommerce, Dept - Natl Oceanic & Atmospheric Adm (NOAA)6/15/2009Leung, Ping$199,528
Using Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy to Quantify and Predict Soil Carbon Content in Agricultural Soils of HawaiiAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED9/2/2009Bruland, Gregory$197,772
A Risk Management Training Program for Underserved Southeast Asian Growers of HawaiiAgriculture, Dept - FED10/29/2009Sugano, Jari$197,000
Development of Efficient Vegetation Management Techniques within Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park for Cultural Resource UtilizationInterior, Dept - National Park Service11/13/2009Leary, James$191,800
Data Collection and Analysis of Substance Abuse Prevention ServicesHealth, Dept - Alcohol & Drug Abuse Div-HI10/5/2009Fong, Grace$183,545
Assessing Risks of Cross-Pollination from Genetically Engineered Crops to Endemic Hawaiian SpeciesAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED8/26/2009Wieczorek, Anna$181,550
Environmental Effects of Tephritid Fruit Fly Control and ManagementAgriculture, Dept - Agricultural Research Svc-FED9/22/2009Grace, Jack$179,744
Multiple Resistance to Viral and Fungal Diseases of Banana Using Gene SilencingAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED8/24/2009Hu, John$175,728
The Invasive Species/Wildfire Cycle: Fuel Loads, Microclimate, Fire Potential, and Fire Behavior in Dominant Grasslands and Adjacent ForestsAgriculture, Dept - Forest Service-FED8/20/2009Litton, Creighton$170,000
Engineering a Signal Transduction Pathway in a Fungus for Industrial Protein ProductionAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED9/10/2009Cho, Yangrae$165,340
Indirect Effects of Biological Control: Competition, Multi-parasitism and Hyper-parasitism Among Aphid ParasitoidsAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED8/26/2009Messing, Russell$157,000
University of Hawaii Fellowships for Integrataive Training in Sustainable Sciences (UH-FITSS)Agriculture, Dept - FED12/14/2009Chan-Halbrendt, Catherine$156,000
Identification of Fusarium with Resistance in Acacia KoaAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED8/31/2009Borthakur, Dulal$155,572
Investigation of Wet Tropical Forest Ecosystems in the Pacific Remote Islands ComplexInterior, Dept - U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service9/2/2009Li, Qingxiao$150,000
Customizing Biodiesel Derived from Tropical TreesOregon State University1/20/2009Ogoshi, Richard$150,000
Construction of a High Density Genetic Map of Pineapple for Genome Sequencing and Marker-Assisted SelectionAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED8/18/2009Paull, Robert$149,952
Detection Techniques and Quarantine Treatments for High Risk Commodities Identified by the Kahului Airport Pest Risk AssessmentTransportation, Dept - HI9/18/2009Hara, Arnold$149,000
Lignocellulosic Biomass Conversion into Ethanol through Syngas Fermentation with Simultaneous Recovery of Acetic Acid using Mesoporous Silica NanopartAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED8/17/2009Khanal, Samir$144,807
Agricultural Diversification: Hawaii Tropical Specialty Fruit Research and Development -2009Agriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED8/28/2009Grace, Jack$142,640
Evaluating the Marketing Channel and Food Safety of Fish and Seafood Products in HawaiiCommerce, Dept - Natl Oceanic & Atmospheric Adm (NOAA)9/3/2009Leung, Ping$142,025
UH-CES Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education FY 2012Human Services, Dept - HI10/28/2009Kanehiro, Naomi$141,480
Pineapple Heart Rot Disease Containment and Management Through Pathogen Detection and Exclusion from Latently Infected Plant StocksAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED8/31/2009Alvarez, Anne$140,674
Haleakala Silversword Research to Slow the Invasion of Argentine Ants in Silversword HabitatInterior, Dept - National Park Service9/21/2009Krushelnycky, Paul$140,000
UH - CES Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program EducationHuman Services, Dept - HI10/28/2009Kanehiro, Naomi$139,560
Impacts of Nonnative Ungulates on Plant Invasions and Ecosystem Goods and Services in Native Hawaiian ForestsAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED8/26/2009Litton, Creighton$135,222
UH-CTAHR Extension and Research Projects in Maui County FY2009County of Maui - Ofc of Economic Development2/27/2009Keyser, Harold$133,000
Biology and Control of the Formosan Subterranean TermiteAgriculture, Dept - FED8/24/2009Grace, Jack$131,136
Evaluation of Flash Flood Prediction Models for Small Watersheds in Tropical IslandsCommerce, Dept/NOAA - Natl Weather Service5/21/2009Fares, Ali$124,999
Innovative Nanoparticulate Surface Coating Technology to Minimize Fouling and Electrochemical Reactions During Tropical Juice PasteurizationAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED8/26/2009Jun, Soojin$124,696
Environmentally Accepted and Economically Viable Nitrogen and Water Best Management Practices for Tropical Conditions of HawaiiAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED8/26/2009Fares, Ali$119,948
Establishing Water Quality Parameters to Address Wet Weather Flow Impacts, Pathogens, and NPDES Program Strategies in a Priority Urban WatershedHealth, Dept - HI7/7/2009Tamaru, Clyde$117,740
The Relationship of a "Crohn's Disease Diet" in Reducing Symptoms of Crohn's Disease, Improving Quality of Life, and Decreasing Health Care CostsBroad Medical Research Program2/6/2009Brown, Amy$109,423
UH-CTAHR Extension and Research Projects in Maui County FY2010County of Maui - Ofc of Economic Development10/16/2009Keyser, Harold$107,500
Water Quality Research and Extension Coordination in HawaiiArizona, University of12/29/2009Evensen, Carl$106,479
Detection and Control of Salmonella in Ahi and Pacific White ShrimpCommerce, Dept - Natl Oceanic & Atmospheric Adm (NOAA)8/26/2009Li, Yong$101,432
Air Sampling and Analysis for Pesticides Residues and Odorous Chemicals in the Air in the Waimea Areas, KauaiAgriculture, Dept - HI3/25/2009Li, Qingxiao$100,000
Investigating the Application of Peptide Pesticides: Diversifying Molluscicde Targeting Capabilities and Enhancing BiodeliveryAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED9/18/2009Bingham, Jon-Paul$100,000
Sustainable Communities Project Through Successful Community PartnershipsAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED7/20/2009Chong, Joan$100,000
Reducing On-Farm Food Safety Risk and an Introduction to Farm Insurance Options for Traditionally Under served Produce Growers in HawaiiAgriculture, Dept - Risk Management Agency-FED11/3/2009Hollyer, James$100,000
Operation: Military KidsKansas State University11/5/2009Nakatsuka, Claire$100,000
Management and Control of Banana Bunchy Top Virus (BBTV) Through Resistant CultivarsAgriculture, Dept - Agricultural Research Svc-FED9/22/2009Grace, Jack$94,867
Functional Genomics of Maize CentromeresGeorgia, University of11/5/2009Presting, Gernot$92,684
Effects of Mean Annual Temperature on Carbon Storage and Fluxes in Native Forests of HawaiiAgriculture, Dept - Forest Service-FED8/18/2009Litton, Creighton$88,000
Vegetation Phenology and Vegetation Index Products from Multiple Missions and Satellite SensorsArizona, University of9/18/2009Miura, Tomoaki$85,307
Operation: Military KidsKansas State University6/4/2009Nakatsuka, Claire$80,000
Proposal for Funding Coordination and Implementation of Hawaii's Local Action Strategy to Address Land-based Pollution Threats to Coral ReefsLand & Natural Res, Dept - Div of Aquatic Resources-HI11/23/2009Evensen, Carl$78,616
Operation: Military KidsKansas State University1/8/2009Nakatsuka, Claire$75,000
Nutrition Consultation and ReviewHuman Services, Dept - HI3/31/2009Kanehiro, Naomi$75,000
2008 Hawaii Kids Count Plan GuidelinesCasey (Annie E.) Foundation3/19/2009Stern, Ivette$75,000
Hawaii Diabetes Detection and Prevention ProjectAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED7/20/2009Zee, Julia$70,668
University of Hawaii Extension IPM Program 2009Agriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED7/27/2009Hara, Arnold$70,477
Ralstonia Solanacearum Race 3 biovar 2: Detection, Exclusion, and Analysis of a Select Agent PathogenWisconsin Madison, University of4/15/2009Alvarez, Anne$69,573
Identifying Tropical Plant-Derived Sources of Dietary Iron: Linking Tropical Food Production and Consumption to Consumer HealthAgriculture, Dept - Coop State Rsch, Ed, & Ext Svc (CSREES)-FED8/18/2009Dunn, Michael$67,703
2009 IR-4 Western Region Food Use Field Trial ProgramCalifornia Davis, University of10/7/2009Kawate, Michael$66,500
Western Regional Center in the National Plant Diagnostic NetworkCalifornia Davis, University of11/18/2009Alvarez, Anne$63,076
2010 Military 4-H Club GrantKansas State University12/18/2009Nakatsuka, Claire$60,000
Biotechnology Outreach ProgramAgriculture, Dept - FED9/9/2009Wieczorek, Anna$55,976
Keaukaha Community Resource CenterKamehameha Schools8/12/2009Ikeda, Carol$55,000
Integrated Management Strategies for Invasive Social Insects in Hawaii and the Pacific BasinAgriculture, Dept - Agricultural Research Svc-FED6/30/2009Grace, Jack$53,878
Recombinant Oligomeric Antimicrobial Peptides with Enhanced ActivitiesHCF-Medical Research Funds6/15/2009Su, Wei-Wen$50,000
Get Moving for HealthNational 4-H Council6/30/2009Heusel, Gary$50,000
Air Sampling and Analysis for Pesticides Residues and Odorous Chemicals in the Air in the Waimea Areas, KauaiCounty of Kauai6/9/2009Li, Qingxiao$50,000
Invasive Weed Management Strategies using Herbicide Ballistic TechnologyAgriculture, Dept - Ntrl Resources Conservation Svc -FED9/18/2009Leary, James$48,588
Sustaining Molokai Native Hawaiian Family FarmsUtah State University8/5/2009Teves, Glenn$47,420
Coordination and Implementation of Hawaii's Local Action Strategy to Address Land-based Pollution Threats to Coral ReefsLand & Natural Res, Dept - Div of Aquatic Resources-HI1/27/2009Evensen, Carl$47,000
MOA Between UH and Hawaii Public Housing Authority, Homeless Program BranchHuman Services, Dept - HI5/26/2009Yuen, Sylvia$41,160
Population Dynamic and Pollination Ecology of the Threatened Haleakala SilverswordInterior, Dept - U.S. Geological Survey7/21/2009Krushelnycky, Paul$36,161
Western Integrated Pest Management Center Regional Comments Coordinator for the American-Affiliated Pacific IslandsCalifornia Davis, University of12/18/2009Kawate, Michael$35,000
Improving Outputs in the Commercial Scale Production of Swordtails - Year 3Oceanic Institute - Ctr for Tropical & Subtrpcl Aquaculture (CTSA)7/1/2009Tamaru, Clyde$35,000
Proteomics Study of Tropical PlantsHawaii Agriculture Research Center9/17/2009Li, Qingxiao$32,000
UH CES Food Stamp Nutrition Education ProgramHuman Services, Dept - HI8/12/2009Kanehiro, Naomi$31,800
Hair Analysis for Mercury and Arsenic ExposureHealth, Dept - HI10/21/2009Li, Qingxiao$27,000
Pacific Kids DASH for Health (PacDASH)Kaiser Foundation Research Institute3/17/2009Novotny, Rachel$25,581
Plant and Protein Biotech ResearchUniversity of Hawaii Foundation12/3/2009Su, Wei-Wen$25,000
EDRR Proposal to Survey for Invasive Bark Beetles (Scolytinae) in HawaiiAgriculture, Dept - Forest Service-FED5/28/2009Rubinoff, Daniel$25,000
Field Evaluation of Oil Seed Crops at Benchmark LocationsHawaii Agriculture Research Center5/13/2009Uehara, Goro$25,000
Development of Herbicide Ballistic Technology as an Effective Incipient Weed Mitigation ToolLand & Natural Res, Dept - HI10/22/2009Leary, James$23,805
Coffee Improvement Using Molecular Approaches for HawaiiHawaii Agriculture Research Center7/20/2009Wang, Ming-Li$20,520
2009 IR4 Western Region Food Use Field Trial Analytical ProgramCalifornia Davis, University of10/23/2009Li, Qingxiao$20,000
2009 IR4 Western Region Food Use Field Trial Analytical ProgramCalifornia Davis, University of11/10/2009Li, Qingxiao$20,000
Assessment of Coral and Fish Disease in Three Priority Watersheds in Relationship to Land-Based Pollution LoadsLand & Natural Res, Dept - HI6/17/2009Evensen, Carl$20,000
Youth Opportunities Initiative Readiness AssessmentHawaii Community Foundation (HCF)3/24/2009Stern, Ivette$20,000
Cardiovascular Research NetworkKaiser Permanente - HI9/14/2009Novotny, Rachel$17,462
Regional Biomass Feedstock Partnership - Herbaceous Bioenergy Crop Field TrialsSouth Dakota State University9/21/2009Ogoshi, Richard$16,000
Korean Natural Farming: A New Waste Management System for Small Swine FarmsBig Island Resource Conserv & Dev Council, Inc2/9/2009Duponte, Michael$15,950
Research to Improve Estimates of Game Harvests and Hunting Participation in the State of Hawai‘i Year 2Land & Natural Res, Dept - HI4/17/2009Lepczyk, Christopher$15,000
Research to Improve Estimates of Game Harvests and Hunting Participation in the State of Hawai‘i Year 3Land & Natural Res, Dept - Div of Forestry & Wildlife-HI9/16/2009Lepczyk, Christopher$15,000
SARE Professional Development Program Plan for Hawaii - Annual Budget RequestWyoming, University of2/17/2009Radovich, Theodore$15,000
SARE Professional Development Program Plan for Hawaii 2009-2010Wyoming, University of11/16/2009Radovich, Theodore$15,000
Cardiovascular Research NetworkKaiser Permanente - HI3/17/2009Novotny, Rachel$14,843
University of Hawaii Financial Literacy ProjectInstitute for Higher Education Policy6/24/2009Kutara, Pamela$14,000
An Experimental Test of the Impacts of Rising Temperature on Carbon Input, Allocation, and Loss in Model ForestsNational Science Foundation3/24/2009Litton, Creighton$13,800
Feasible Analysis of Ohelo as a Specialty Crop for HawaiiAgriculture, Dept - Agricultural Research Svc-FED7/14/2009Nakamoto, Stuart$10,500
Evaluation of Jatropha as a Biofuel Crop in Maui CountyCounty of Maui - Ofc of Economic Development1/30/2009Keyser, Harold$10,000
Pineapple ResearchUniversity of Hawaii Foundation11/5/2009Paull, Robert$10,000
Work, Weight, and Wellness Program -- The 3W Program ("Study")Kaiser Permanente - HI5/5/2009Novotny, Rachel$9,834
GIS Assessment of Forest Conditions and Long-term Resource StrategyLand & Natural Res, Dept - HI2/23/2009Miura, Tomoaki$9,067
Design of a Continuous Flow Microwave Pasteurizer University of Hawaii Foundation6/29/2009Jun, Soojin$8,700
Innovative Practices to Sustain Sweet Potato ProductionCounty of Hawaii9/3/2009Miyasaka, Susan$8,000
Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems (ECCS) WebsiteHealth, Dept - HI3/23/2009Yuen, Sylvia$8,000
Island of Hawaii Wood Resource Assessment for HELCOBlack and Veatch2/27/2009Kinoshita, Charles$8,000
Farm Food Safety Coaching ServicesAgriculture, Dept - Agribusiness Dev Corp-HI12/7/2009Hollyer, James$7,500
Reducing Colonization of Schoenoplectus californicus (California bulrush) for Native and Migratory Bird Habitat with Aquatic Herbicides and AdjuvantsInterior, Dept - U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service3/16/2009Leary, James$5,959
Journal of Natural Resources Policy ResearchUniversity of Hawaii Foundation2/6/2009Gopalakrishnan, Chennat$5,000
Funding for Mutual InterestAgriculture, Dept - Agricultural Research Svc-FED9/3/2009Grace, Jack$4,448
Washing My Pounds AwayNew Mexico State University12/16/2009Ikeda, Carol$4,000
Landscape ResearchUniversity of Hawaii Foundation1/26/2009Paull, Robert$2,500
East Hawaii 4-H ProgramAgriculture, Dept - FED7/2/2009Settlage, Becky$1,000
Total:    $21,084,130

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