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Extramural Grant Projects

Extramural awards (as opposed to Intramural awards in which the funding decisions are made within CTAHR) include research or non-research grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements from federal, private, foreign and other outside sources. This database includes all CTAHR awards that were processed through the Office of Research Services (ORS) and can be sorted by Title, PI, and/or Amount by clicking on the headers. Awards which are not processed through ORS, such as formula funds (Hatch, McIntire-Stennis, and Smith-Lever), are not included in this database. The awards are reported by “Awarded Date” and multiyear awards are listed according to the dates that the funds were received by ORS (either all during the first year or divided annually over the award period).

Additional information describing individual USDA grants in greater detail can be found by searching the following USDA Current Research Information System (CRIS) website. For information on writing and submitting grants, go to the employee's page.

CTAHR has received the following awards since 2005.

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Project TitleFunding AgencyAwarded DateInvestigatorAmount
Fungal-Bacterial Interactions: Bridging Soil Niches in Regulating Carbon and Nitrogen ProcessesEnergy, Dept of - Office of Science3/15/2023Nguyen, Nhu Huynh$905,827
Entomopathegenic Bombs - Sweet Potato Weevils Be GoneMONTANA STATE UNIVERSITY2/28/2023Sipes, Brent$336,848
Empowering Underrepresented Graduate Students With Advanced Research Training In Food ScienceAGRICULTURE, DEPT-NATL INST FOOD AND AGRICULTURE1/4/2023Ho, Kacie Kumi Hung Yan$246,000
Biodiversity Monitoring of Freshwater and Estuarine Communities in Halawa StreamDEFENSE, DEPT-NAVY NAVAL FAC ENGRG COMMAND3/1/2023Tsang, Yin Phan$210,000
Developing a Web-Based Mapping Platform for Cropland Rating and Optimum Crop SelectionAGRICULTURE, DEPT-HI3/17/2023Miura, Tomoaki$199,218
Detection and Management Strategies for the Control of Prosapia bicincta (Twolined Spittlebug) in HawaiiHawaii Invasive Species Council1/4/2023Thorne, Mark$167,700
UH-CTAHR Projects in Maui County FY23COUNTY MAUI OFC OF ECON DEVEL2/22/2023Reeves, Cynthia Lynn$150,000
USDA-HEC: Education of Novel CRISPR Technologies for Hawaii Undergraduate and Graduate StudentsAGRICULTURE, DEPT-NATL INST FOOD AND AGRICULTURE2/8/2023Du, Zhiyan$149,000
Hawaii Algae BiomaterialsAGRICULTURE, DEPT-HI3/9/2023Khanal, Samir$100,000
Plant Safety, Horticultural Benefits, and Disease Efficacy of Essential Oils for Use in Organically Grown Fruit Crops: From the Farm to the ConsumerFLORIDA, UNIVERSITY OF3/15/2023Kawabata, Andrea$83,777
GoFarm Hawaii: Growing Maui's Next Generation of FarmersCOUNTY MAUI OFC OF ECON DEVEL3/28/2023Yamamoto, Janel$80,000
Next Generation Biosecurity Monitoring of Invasive Alien Arthropod SpeciesCALIFORNIA BERKELEY, UNIVERSITY OF1/19/2023Krushelnycky, Paul$78,603
Systems Approach for the Management of Coffee Berry Borer in Hawaii and Puerto Rico with Emphasis on Biological Control (UH-Manoa)AGRICULTURE, DEPT-AGRI RSCH SVC-FED1/6/2023Wright, Mark$75,000
Hawaii Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program FY 2023AGRICULTURE, DEPT-NATL INST FOOD AND AGRICULTURE3/21/2023Wieczorek, Anna Magda$74,060
Improving Trapping Efficacy for Mosquito and Honeybee Detection and Monitoring in HawaiiLAND & NATURAL RES, DPT-FORST (DLNR)3/24/2023Wright, Mark$57,746
Project Evaluation Plan Housing First Increment II ProgramUnited States Veterans Initiative3/13/2023Yuan, Sarah$40,000
Teaching ChangeUNIVERSITY HAWAII FOUNDATION3/28/2023Litton, Creighton$36,162
Support Development of the Western Cover Crops Council and Enhance Cover Crop Educational Resources and Adoption in the Western U.S.OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY1/4/2023Wang, Koon-Hui$26,149
Outreach and Extension for Management of Rapid Ohia Death on Hawaii IslandLAND & NATURAL RES, DPT-FORST (DLNR)3/7/2023Friday, James$23,075
Total:    $3,039,165

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